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Quick Stix is modified lacrosse for primary and high school students. It’s fast, exciting, and it’s sneaky too! Students learn the fundemental movement patterns to perform lacrosse skills as catch, throw and shoot the ball with a lacrosse stick in the fastest game on two feet. Primary school student are able to engage Quick Stix through Involve and Invade programs and Secondary Students can do the same with Quick Stix 3x3.

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Let’s get kids into Quickstix!

The Australian Lacrosse Association’s Quick Stix program is a free-flowing form of lacrosse for students to start learning the game. It is simple to teach and learn, and a perfect sport for both primary and secondary school children.

• Enjoy a fun environment in which to learn the game of lacrosse

• Lacrosse combines hand-eye coordination and quick decision making

• Enjoy the positive social experience that team sports provide

• Join a pathway which can transition children into club-based competitive lacrosse at youth level

• Be introduced to one of the fastest growing international sports that is played in over 60 countries world-wide.

Let’s get playing!

The Australian Lacrosse Association is proud to support SportAus Physical Literacy framework initiative. We understand the importance of physical literacy through a persons journey in sport and life. The framework now provides a guide for parents and educators to engage with and understand how this journey can take shape.


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