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  • Australian Sports Commission Confidence in the ALA
    Wednesday Nov 25, 2015
    The Australian Sports Commission has demonstrated its confidence in the Australian Lacrosse Association by increasing its funding to the association for the 2015-2016 financial year.

  • 2015 Isaachsen and Shelley Maher Trophy Winners
    Wednesday Nov 11, 2015
    The O. C. Isaachsen Trophy (men) and Shelley Maher Trophy (women) are awarded to the Fairest and Best Players Australia-wide in the most senior men’s and women’s State competitions home and away qualifying round matches, based on votes awarded by match umpires.

  • Tax deductible donations for your club via ASF
    Monday Oct 26, 2015
    Join almost 800 sporting clubs that have partnered with the Australian Sports Foundation and have taken advantage of tax deductible, crowd funding and community focused fundraising for sport.

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