2021 National Events Update

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The ALA and all Member Associations (MAs) continue to work together to monitor the current level of restrictions and impacts relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have all seen and experienced the ongoing impacts and restrictions in response to control outbreaks of COVID-19 in the community. Such control measures included border closures, quarantine requirements, lockdowns and restriction of movement.

From a national event perspective, these control measures, which address community health, have implications on the planning and delivery of ALA's national events. In addition, due the unpredictability of when and where an outbreak can occur, and the control measures which will be implemented, ALA and MAs have concerns regarding the potential impacts on individuals’ personal lives if an outbreak were to occur in the lead up to or during a National event.

As such, following feedback and discussions with MAs and the Athlete Advisory Committee, the ALA has decided to:


Senior Nationals

Postpone the Senior Nationals. ALA will work with our MAs to identify and research other potential dates and/or formats for this event.

U18 Nationals:

Cancel the U18 Nationals. ALA and our MAs acknowledge that now two groups of top age players have now missed the opportunity to play at the U18 event. To address this the ALA will liaise with the MAs to identify further opportunities for these players to engage or participate in a higher-level training or competition environment to ensure they can continue their lacrosse development.

U15 Tournament:

The ALA and MAs will hold further discussions and a checkpoint in March to determine the future of the U15 Tournament which is scheduled for the 26th September to the 2nd October.


ALA acknowledges that these decisions are disappointing for all involved, however these early decisions provide further information and clarity for players, coaches and the general community.

We appreciate the lacrosse community’s understanding and support and we would also like to take this opportunity to thank our Member Associations' and the Athlete Advisory Committee’s support, communication, engagement and willingness to work through these challenging decisions.  


U18 Nationals