World Lacrosse Shifts Two World Championships To 2022

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World Lacrosse Shifts Two World Championships To 2022

Overnight World Lacrosse announced their decision to postpone and shift the Senior Women’s and the Men’s U20 World Championships to 2022.

The World Lacrosse Women’s World Championship will still be held in Towson, Maryland, USA at Towson University. The dates for the rescheduled event are to be confirmed, but likely will be late June / early July 2022.

Upon hearing and reflecting on the news from World Lacrosse, Trish Adams, Head Coach of Australian Women’s Team said “I am confident the decision was made with the best interest of the players, staff, spectators & organisers in mind. With the ever-changing landscape of COVID we had begun making adaptations to our preparation calendar, however having a definitive decision will enable us to consolidate those plans and move forward. We are excited for the coming period of preparation and look forward to the challenge that lies ahead.” 

World Lacrosse also announced that the Men’s U20 World Championship is still expected be held in Limerick, Ireland at the University of Limerick. The dates for the rescheduled event are to be confirmed, but likely will be late July / early August 2022. World Lacrosse also confirmed that for the U20 World Championship the age limit for eligibility will be raised, on a one-time basis, to U21 to provide athletes who would have been eligible to compete in the event had it been held in 2021.

Gavin Leavy, Head Coach of the Men’s U20 Australian Team, said “World Lacrosse has made the best decision for the health and safety of our playing group, as the coach I'm very thankful for that. I'm extremely happy that this group of athletes are still going to be given the opportunity to compete at a World Championships and represent Australia. The playing group are going to take the additional 12 months to continue to work on their lacrosse development and physical preparation while having an additional year to compete at the senior level within their club programs. With the length of our program so far we will be looking to back off for a short period to allow the players to absorb World Lacrosse's decision and then we will begin to build the program up and be ready to compete in 2022"

The ALA supports these decisions which ensures the safety of our coaches, officials, players and staff who would be attending these events. While the postponements are disheartening, it is best that these events are held when World Lacrosse and all participating nations have the opportunity to re-gain stable footing after this this difficult period.

These delays will now give our teams, all nations and the sport of Lacrosse the space to work through the continuing impacts of Covid-19. It will also provide an opportunity for all teams to grow and progress forward with full momentum and capacity towards these world championships and, also provide a safe event for all spectators hoping to witness these events.

ALA will continue to liaise with World Lacrosse and other National Governing Bodies regarding the specific details for each event and, when able, will share further details with the Teams, Members and the lacrosse community.

World Lacrosse media release can be accessed here.


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