2021 ALA's Men's Box Championship - Cancellation

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The ALA and all Member Associations continue to work together to monitor the current level of restrictions and impacts relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While lacrosse has returned in the majority of states, from a national event perspective, there are still many restrictions in place to address community health and social distancing which have implications on the planning and delivery of ALA's national events. These include, at this stage, no indoor contact sport for adults (specifically in Victoria), border closures, quarantine requirements and density limits and capped number of people allowed in indoor venues. Further, COVID-19 has also impacted potential venues for ALA's Men's Box Championship.

These restrictions, plus the unknown timelines regarding lifting of these restrictions, have disrupted and affected ALA’s and Member Associations’ ability to effectively plan and prepare for the 2021 Men’s Box Championship. Therefore, the ALA, in conjunction with Member Associations, have decided to cancel ALA's 2021 Men’s Box Championship.

ALA acknowledges that this decision is disappointing for all involved, however this early decision provides clarity for players, coaches, the general community and our Member Associations.

The ALA would like to take this opportunity to thank all Member Associations and the Athlete Advisory Committee, for their ongoing support, engagement and willingness to work through this pandemic to ensure the best results for the wider lacrosse community. The ALA will continue to work with Member Associations and the Athlete Advisory Committee to finalise the 2021 calendar and the remaining National events.

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