United Through Sport Virtual Youth Festival - Participant Nominations Open


Participants (U10-U18) are invited to nominate for the chance to take part in the United Through Sports (UTS) Virtual Youth Festival (VYF) 2020. Please read all the details below and within the form.

The ALA is excited to announce that we have been invited to register participants to take part in the United Through Sports (UTS) Virtual Youth Festival (VYF) 2020. This event is a unique opportunity for junior participants to be involved in a United through Sport movement that promotes health and safety through competition of an online festival.

The Festival will be hosted on a digital platform, and youth participants will need a recording device (such as a mobile phone) and access to the internet to participate during the finals on the 20-22 November 2020. Participants will need to upload their video to participate.  The Festival finals coincide with the United Nations’ World Children’s Day.

UTS is hosting five competition categories (Max Fit, Aero Fit, Talent All Abilities and Special Olympics) and ALA have been invited to register participants into the Max Fit category.

Max Fit focuses on the participant's Strength, Power and Stamina using set exercises and fitness drills. The competition will be completed over 3 rounds, with each round requiring participants to complete as many of the designated exercises within the allotted time per round. judges will score on the number of repetitions, as well as the quality and control demonstrated while performing the repetitions.

You can view the full Max Fit category here.

Any participants who would like to nominate for the chance to take part in the festival can fill out a nomination form. Nominations will close on Monday the 2nd November at 11.59pm. Once nominations are closed the ALA will randomly select a female and male for each age diversion who will then have to register with Untied Through Sport.

Click here to nominate.

The Virtual Youth Festival is officially under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), the Special Olympics International (SOI), GAISF, SportAccord, and AIMS. The festival invites us all to stand in solidarity with the values of the Olympics, Paralympic and Special Olympics in the promotion of inclusion, equality, non-discrimination and peace-promotion.

Each participant in the UTS Virtual Youth festival 2020 will receive a certificate signed by the IOC, IPC, SOI, and UTS. Medals will be awarded per age category and gender combination.

For further information please visit the Untied through Sport website and Facebook page. In addition, you can view the Festival’s promotional material here