Online Club Coach Course - Registration

Club S22

Thank-you to all coaches and clubs who have expressed interest in our Club Coach Course scheduled for May.

The ALA is pleased to provide further details regarding coach registrations and additional information regarding the course schedule and course work.

We are looking forward to this opportunity and appreciated the support from the whole lacrosse community.


Registration for the course will be a two step process due to the online delivery method:

1) Coaches (or clubs can register a group of coaches) will be required to fill out, pay and submit their registration through the following online form.

Coaches (or club official) will be required to provide basic contact information, membership details and level of coaching.

This registration link will close on the 3/05/20. (due to pre course work and preparations coaches are encouraged to register early)

2) Once registrations have been received coaches will need to enrol into the course via ALA's Online Education Platform. Coaches will receive an email with information on this process directly so please ensure the information provided during registration is correct.

ALA’s Education Platform can be viewed and accessed via the following link -

Coaches will also receive further information regarding the course and meeting details.

Course schedule & Delivery

The course will be delivered across 3 separate nights over 3 weeks. Coaches will need to attend all 3 sessions and complete tasks before and after each session to be able to complete their accreditation.

Session dates: (Times TBC)

  • 6th May 2020 - Role of the Coach, Coaching Philosophy, Planning & Safety
  • 13th May 2020 – Skill Development, Coach presentations, Designing activities
  • 20th May 2020 – Effective Coaching & Communication, Developing team play & routines.

Course content will be delivered via teleconferencing and we’ll use other web base platforms to make the course more interactive. This will mean that participants will be required to use either multiple devices or be able to flick between multiple browsers to fully participate in the course.

During the duration of the course coaches will also be required to complete some pre course work and worksheets (1,2,3, & 4) during/post each of the online sessions. On the next page is an overview of the course work. All course work will be submitted online via the ALA Education Platform. Details of ALA Education Platform will be provided to coaches who register and enrol for the course.

Course Work Overview

To gain accreditation coaches will be required to:

  • Attend all 3 online sessions.
  • Complete additional training.
  • Submit Work Sheets 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Complete session activities (present teaching points of a skill and design of activity/game)**
  • Complete a Short Quiz
  • Design a 3 week plan (6 training sessions) which focuses on a specific tactical concept and show how you would progress and evolve the training sessions from week to week.


*Only LWA and LSA coaches need to complete these additional training.

**Coaches will receive an email before the course begins. Coaches will be grouped up and provided a skill as a topic point. During the second session of the course coaches will be required to present (based on the skill given to them):

  • The key teaching points for your players (Jnrs v Snr or Experienced v Novice) and also provide examples of how you teach the skill to your players.

“how you teach” refers to your delivery method, the environment, what things you are looking for, feedback style or the set up you use, rather than a particular drill you utilise.

  • Coaches (as a group) will also need to design an activity which focuses on and develops the skill provided to you. (this will be presented during session 2)
  • Coaches will also need to design a way to evolve that activity into a more game focus activity. (this will be presented during session 2)