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The ALA is excited to announce the formation of the Athletes Advisory Committee, and Keith Nyberg as the inaugural chair.

The Athletes Advisory Committee has been formed to assist the ALA in shaping and developing the game here in Australia and on a global level.  This committee will act as an independent sub-committee of the ALA which will allow for quality feedback to the ALA regarding;

  • Rule changes for Men’s, Women’s, Indoor and 6v6 Lacrosse
  • High Performance Programs
  • Marketing of the game
  • National Competitions and events

This committee follows the formation of the World Lacrosse (WL) Athletes Commission which has been in place since 2016. Australia is represented on the WL Athletes Commission by Keith Nyberg and as such he was the most appropriate choice as the inaugural chair and the ALA is thrilled he has accepted this position.

"I am excited to involved in the establishment and formation of the Australian Athlete Advisory Committee which aligns with World Lacrosse’s Athletes Commission. To provide a voice for and from the players relating to the future of the game is extremely important and hopefully will provide a new perspective and thought process to the key stakeholder of our sport here in Australia." said Kieth Nyberg, inaugural chair.

The Committee will consist of eight people with broad representation and diversity. Representatives should have playing experience at club, state and/or int

ernational level. The Committee shall comprise of:

  1. Six (6) combined representatives from Lacrosse WA, Lacrosse SA, Lacrosse Vic – one male and one female from each member association.
  2. Two (2) combined representatives from the Queensland Lacrosse Assn, NSW Lacrosse, Canberra and Lacrosse Tas, specifically being one male and one female.
  3. An extra overlay in the composition of the Athlete Advisory Committee, is at least two members with overseas playing experience (NCAA, MCLA, Professional Leagues or other Blue Division country/ies competition or League) and/or a further two players with experience playing indoor Lacrosse.

The full Terms of reference can be viewed here

The ALA is calling for individuals to submit your expression of interest and your lacrosse resume to be a part of this committee. Submission will close COB 7th of April 2020.

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