Vale Kendrea Kendall

Women's lacrosse was re-introduced in Melbourne in 1962 and Kendrea (aged 12 years) was one of the first female players recruited by Footscray Lacrosse Club. By age 15, she was selected to represent Victoria and went on to play for her state for many years. In 1969, she was selected to play for Australia against touring teams from the United Kingdom and the United States of America in a tri-series in Perth, W.A.

In 1972, she was a member of the first women's Australian touring team to play overseas against Wales, Scotland, England and the United States of America. Kendrea twice won the Nell Rawlins Award - 1976 and 1984 - the Victorian Women's Lacrosse Association Trophy for outstanding achievement on and off the field, a trophy that is only presented in years when there is a worthy recipient.

Apart from her state and national representation, Kendrea also played a major part in the development of women's lacrosse in Victoria. Kendrea was Victorian Women's Lacrosse Assn (VWLA) President in 1976 and 1987 and Secretary in 1977. She was awarded VWLA life membership in 1985. She served on the Board of Lacrosse Victoria from 2008 - 2010 and chaired the Lacrosse Victoria Women's 50 th Anniversary Committee in 2011. Kendrea has been a Lacrosse Victoria Commissioner from 2014 until the present day.

In 1974, Kendrea established the Montmorency Women's Lacrosse Club together with the late Neil Traeger and the physical education teacher from Montmorency High School. Kendrea played, coached, mentored and supported the development of the girls' skills as well as other adults with immediate success. In 1975, the team was successful in winning the B grade premiership.

In 1980, Ray Shannon, president of the Eltham Men's Lacrosse Club invited Kendrea to become Women's Director of the club and this was the start of women's lacrosse at Eltham. Between 1980-81 Kendrea recruited, coached, mentored and encouraged a small group of players and in 1982 Eltham joined the women's competition then known as the Victorian Women's Lacrosse Association, with an entry into the Under 16 girls competition, which consisted of a team full of local schoolgirls. Since then, Eltham women have had teams compete every year in A and B grade and have won a significant number of premierships at senior and junior level. In addition, a significant number of women from Eltham have represented Victoria and Australia in both junior and senior competition.

In 1981, as part of a recruitment drive, the Eltham Lacrosse Club conducted a local primary schools competition which provides young boys and girls with an opportunity to try lacrosse, gain some skills and play a friendly modified game over four weekly sessions. This competition has continued to the present day and it is said that Kendrea seldom missed a single session. Similarly, Kendrea was a regular spectator at both women's and men's home and away matches during the lacrosse season. Kendrea was also always cheerfully willing to organise or assist with any club activities or functions, whether they be anniversaries, award nights, fundraisers or celebrations.

The impetus that Kendrea brought to the Eltham Lacrosse Club through her commitment to the club, her generosity of time in coaching, running skill sessions for beginners, mentoring and supporting players of all ages cannot be underestimated. She has been a beacon of inspiration to players and a stalwart of the club. Since 1983, Kendrea has acted as senior women's coach for five years and as club President for four years. She is a life member of the club and the Kendrea Kendall Trophy was first awarded in her honour in 2011.

Kendrea is also a life member of Lacrosse Victoria and was a trustee of the Victorian Lacrosse Foundation.

Vale Kendrea, thanks for all you have done for lacrosse.

Published by the Lambton Mount Lacrosse Club