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Bulletin Number 3 – 27 March 2019

The consultation phase for the Strategic Plan was completed when the Australian Lacrosse Association held the National Planning Forum over 23 and 24 February.

The National Planning Forum was attended by representatives from each of the mainland member Associations. At this meeting a number of operational discussion papers were presented to detail some of the projects to be undertaken in 2019.

The Strategic Plan and the outcomes from community consultation was a key discussion across the two days, with the result being the Strategic Framework detailed within this bulletin.

Over the coming weeks the ALA and Member Associations will review the Framework, Strategies and performance measures before finalizing and publishing the Strategic Plan.

On behalf of the Strategic Plan Working group, I want to thank you for your involvement to date, we are excited with the direction the plan is taking and believe achievement of the key objectives over the coming years will see lacrosse well placed to go forward in all areas.

Consultation Phase 1 – Member Survey Summary

The Strategic Plan working party were very happy with the consultation which saw over 198 respondents to the Member survey.

The members survey sought the opinion of the lacrosse public across a number of critical areas, in total there were over 198 responses. Through the survey we received feedback in a number of key areas and received ideas for the future development of lacrosse in Australia.

The clear key outcomes from the survey were;

  • The need to market and promote the game better.
  • Growth in participation driven to membership
  • Greater support for clubs through consistent participation products, recruitment and retention programs.
  • Development of clear pathways programs and plans in the areas of Player, Coach and Officials education and development.
  • Transparent, fair and efficient Governance, leadership and management at National, State and Club level.
  • Greater funding and sponsorship to underpin growth and high-performance programs

There was a broad cross section of respondents from both a demographic perspective and engagement within the sport.

A key component of the member survey was the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, opportunities, threats analysis). Within the SWOT responses some key themes were apparent the following were shown to be the most consistent responses;



  • Club Community environment – welcoming, safe, inclusive
  • Passion – for the game through the people involved
  • Game for all abilities
  • National Pathway from club to National teams
  • People – the skills and commitment they provide
  • Strength of the Competitions – state and national
  • Talent that we have, to compete on the international stage
  • Unique sporting elements of the game


  • Marketing and visibility of the game to the general public and lacrosse community
  • Numbers involved in club competitions
  • Overall funding to support clubs, state and national bodies
  • Club based officials
  • Focus on LWA, LSA, LV
  • Coaching accreditation and development
  • Cost of High- performance teams participation
  • Local availability of equipment




  • Marketing, coverage and promotion of the game
  • School/education-based programs, Primary, High School and University
  • Diversifying the variety of competitions offered
  • Growth in new regions and centres
  • More locally held international competition and matches


  • Other sports – AFL, Soccer etc
  • Declining numbers of club members
  • Loosing fields to other sports
  • High Fees to participate
  • Clubs driving development and recruitment programs
  • Marketing and promotion of the game
  • Local equipment sales and cheaper access to equipment


Consultation Phase 2 – State Planning Forums

As detailed in bulletin 2, A planning Forums was held throughout late 2018 in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. In total these forums had approximately 80 in attendance. The format of the forum was consistent in each state and attended by a broad range of lacrosse enthusiasts.

Within the planning forum the outcome of the Member Surveys was reviewed, and workshops were undertaken on key discussion topics that were identified.

The information gathered from the forums has formed the framework for the Strategic Plan and helped to determine the key Objectives we aim to deliver.

National Planning Forum

Throughout the national Planning forum a lot of discussion surrounded the need to further develop a Unified Behaviours approach to support the efficient and dynamic management of Lacrosse in Australia.

The major two elements in this approach is to look at the Mechanics and Dynamics of the relevant organisations.

Mechanics refers to the policy, planning and operations of an organisation. Whilst the dynamics is the way in which people engage with internal and external stakeholders.

Through this discussion key values were agreed upon;

  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Leadership
  • Transparency

These values clearly relate well to the outcomes from both the member survey and planning forums. In combination with the Framework detailed below the values will guide the behaviours, actions and decisions from the ALA moving forward.


Strategic Plan for Lacrosse in Australia 2019-2021

Vision Statement

A contemporary vision sets the tone through which the strategic plan will operate.  The vision is distinctly different to previous visions that were more easily measurable. There are very clear reasons for this change – as we are aiming for a call to arms. This aligns with contemporary organisations and will align to the Mission of the ALA and each Member Association.

“Working together to honour and grow the game.”

In dissecting the vision;

Working together – is a reference to the whole of sport approach undertaken within this planning process. It also reflects the need for the sport to work together to maximise our limited resources to achieve the ambitious outcomes of the objectives within the plan

Honour the game – references the passion which shone through as a key strength of the game. Some will feel it references the past. When reviewing the definition of honour as a verb it means to regard with great respect and or fulfill an obligation or keep an agreement.

Grow the game – has been a consistent aim for lacrosse over many plans and continues to be a key focus within this plan.

If we view the strategic plan as an agreement between all parties, then the Vision is a clear call to arms to achieve the plan in honouring our commitment which can only be achieved if we work in a unified manner.

Key objectives

At the National Planning Forum, the following were endorsed as the headline objectives that would be key to delivering on the Vision.

  1. Reach the milestone of 10,000 members and 100,000 participants
  2. Deliver systematic Cultural change to enhance the development of the sport
  3. Implement a comprehensive brand and marketing plan to promote and position lacrosse with the Australian public.
  4. Develop a plan to host a World Cup / Championship in Australia

Key Focus Areas / Pillars

To achieve these key objectives a number of interrelated strategies will need to be achieved. The framework for these will sit within the key focus areas or pillars as defined below

  • Players - Strategies aimed to engage participants and members
  • Pathways - Strategies aimed to improve the environment, quality and outcomes from club to National and international competitions.
  • People – Strategies aimed to recruit, develop and retain our volunteers, coaches, officials, administrators and staff.
  • Profile – Strategies relating to Marketing, branding, business, sustainability and resourcing of our sport.


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