Demonstration of trial format & Rules for Olympic Game

Below is some background information relating to why the demonstration is occurring, the format of the demonstration game and new trial rules.

Further logistical information will be provided directly to those players and coaches involved in the demonstration.

FIL Olympic Game Background

The Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) have been progressing a plan to get lacrosse recognised and included in a future Olympic Games (still to be determined). However, a key step in that path was FIL admission to membership of the international Sport Accord organisation which has previously been achieved.

The international Sport Accord Conference is being held this year on the Gold Coast Convention Centre over 5-10 May 2019.The FIL President (Sue Redfern) and Secretary General (Ron Balls) will be attending that conference together with other international sporting body’s representatives. There is the opportunity to showcase lacrosse for the international attendees, many who haven’t seen lacrosse before.

As an introduction to many who have not seen the game before, FIL would like to demonstrate the game as being developed for potential Olympic games engagement. This will be during a Youth Festival run alongside the Sport Accord Convention and the opportunity has only been posted during this month.

FIL is providing funding for 2 teams to participate in the new 6on6 Olympic Game concept and, as a result of consultation with all Member Associations, that fundamentally due to safety reasons the Board of ALA has decided to showcase two boy’s teams.  It is believed that the boy’s documented game is more aligned with this new concept game in regard to safety compared with the girl’s documented game at this stage.

After team selection, initial education will be provided to the team members with a final refinement provided on-site at the Gold Coast prior to the demonstration games. ALA will also provide the following personnel:  coaches, managers, officials and support staff for these demonstration games.

These new rules have been developed and trialled by the FIL:

  • For reduced numbers in a fast and exciting game (this being the approach that Rugby 7s took for IOC entry).
  • Hence the FIL have trialled and documented a modified game with basically 6on6 players on a smaller field with 4 interchange players in a shorter game time.


Details regarding lacrosse Demonstration

Schedule – Youth Festival

  • 7th (pm) or 8th (am) of May - Players and support staff arrive –ALA will book flights once the player squad has been finalised.
  • Wednesday 8th of May - Opening Ceremony
  • Thursday 9th of May - teams play two games, one in the morning and one in the afternoon
  • Friday 10th of May - play one game in the morning.
  • Friday 10th of May - teams depart in the afternoon
  • At this stage the demonstration will take place on Kurrawa Park which is a 10min walk towards the beach from the Convention Centre

Demonstration game format – TRIAL FORMAT OUTLINED BY FIL

  • Exhibition Games to be 6 a side with squads of 10 players (allowing substitution)
  • Game duration 4 quarters of 8 minutes (running clock) with a 2 minute break after 1st and 3rd quarter and a 5 minute beak at half time (at end of the second quarter).
  • Field size 60m long and 40m wide although at this age group and to meet local field availability this could be reduced.

Demonstration game rules - TRIAL RULES OUTLINED BY FIL

  • One player must remain in the offensive half
  • Two players must remain in the defensive half
  • 45 second shot clock
  • Limited body contact

Youth Team Summary

Player costs will be covered by the FIL & ALA as per below:

  • Travel costs for the players (20), staff (4) and Officials (3)
  • Hotel costs for the 27 above, 2 nights but some might be 3 depending on where travelling from.
  • Food for the above while at the Festival
  • Special Uniforms will be provided to all players and coaches
  • Australian officials will be provided and manage the games
  • Parent(s) desiring to attend at their own cost will be offered a booking opportunity.

Youth Team Demo

  • Players in the age around 14 years old
  • Two teams of Boys
  • Squad of 10 for each and so a total of 20 players
  • 2 staff for each team (Coach / Manager) total of 4
  • 2 on-field + 1 bench officials for the Boys game.
  • An ALA Director will attend together with ALA selected personnel and co-ordinate the overall requirements and liaise with the FIL Director.
  • FIL Development Director (Bob DeMarco) will attend and co-ordinate the overall requirements, preparation and liaise with the ALA Director.
  • Local support will be provided by Queensland Lacrosse Association representatives (e.g. bench management and scoring and time keeping).

Sport Accord

Please visit their website for further information regarding Sport Accord and the Youth Festival: