Strategic Plan for Lacrosse - Bulletin No. 2

Bulletin Number 2 – 26  November 2018

Consultation Phase 1.

As of Friday 16th November, the initial consultation phase concluded in the development of the Strategic Plan. As previously advised, we undertook three surveys which aimed to provide specific feedback to the ALA and State Boards across a number of issues.

The three surveys were:

  1. Member Survey
  2. Club Committee Survey
  3. Member Association Board survey


Member Surveys

The Member survey was open to all stakeholders and posed a number of questions relating to Lacrosse in Australia. The survey was promoted across all social media and standard communication channels. The survey had 198 responses with respondents from across the country, providing great insight into the thoughts of the Lacrosse fraternity.

The Strategic Planning working group (working group) is currently reviewing the results to build the foundation for discussion at the upcoming state based strategic planning forums.


Club Committee Survey

The purpose of the club survey was for individual club committee members to provide feedback direct to each state association board. To compliment the club survey we also had 52 respondents within the member surveys who were club committee members.

All these responses will be compiled to provide a comprehensive report to each state to assist in the development of localized strategies and objectives.  The working group will also review the data across all states to determine if there are any areas of commonality.


Member Association Board Survey

Similar to the club committee survey the Member Association Board Survey was designed to provide feedback to the ALA board from the perspective of the Member Association on a number of key topics, it was open for individual responses.

The ALA board and working group will utilize these responses to frame elements of the strategic plan.


Consultation Phase 2

Beginning this week, the State based forums will commence. The aim of the forums is to review the previous performance of Lacrosse in Australia and the host state, discuss the results of the members survey and build the objectives of the strategic plan.

Each forum is being advertised via a Facebook event – to assist with planning we ask that people register their attendance through the Facebook event or direct on the relevant registration form linked below.

Along with Facebook events we have an email going direct to the mailing list, and direct emails to state boards and club committees.

The forums are open to all lacrosse enthusiasts and will provide a great opportunity for members voices and wishes to be heard from an ALA and State Association perspective to frame the national and state-based elements of the strategic plan.







29 Nov – Thursday


Sport and Recreation Building, Leederville


3 Dec – Monday





 4 Dec – Tuesday


9 Castlereagh Street, Level 14, Sydney, NSW



5 Dec – Wednesday


Sports House

375 Albert Road, Albert Park



6 Dec – Thursday


Glenelg Lacrosse Club


Get in contact

For further opportunities to provide input please contact the working group Chair, Glenn Morley

To stay up to date with the progress of the plan – and to receive further information on the consultation process register for the mailing list by completing a brief form – Mailing List form