Strategic Plan for Lacrosse - Bulletin No. 1

Strategic Plan for Lacrosse in Australia

Bulletin Number 1 – October 2018Mailing List Final

Project briefing document for member associations and member clubs

This bulletin is to serve as a brief outline of the project to develop the new strategic plan for lacrosse. It will outline the timeline and stakeholders involved and the process to develop the plan.

At each stage of the development of the Strategic Plan a bulletin will go out to keep all stakeholders informed on the progress of the project. This document is the first bulletin.


In February 2018 the ALA held a National Planning forum in Melbourne the forum was a collective group of Member Association Presidents, Board members, staff and others from the broader leadership of lacrosse. The group reviewed the achievements and failures of the last planning cycle (ALA Strategic Plan 2015-18). An audit was also undertaken as to current planning frameworks of the member associations. Through this process it was identified that Lacrosse Victoria were at the starting phase and that all the other Member Associations were in the final phases of their respective Strategic plans.

A resulting action was to form a working group to lead the development of a new strategic plan for Lacrosse in Australia. A single strategic plan with a localized focus for state and club implementation is considered best practice and provides economy of resourcing across the sport.

This forum agreed that a unified direction and single strategic plan for lacrosse across the country would be the preferred direction. This would be the starting point to progress the work towards unified behaviours. When we talk of unified behaviours we are referring to the following key aspects.

Unified behaviours

The term ‘unified behaviours’ reflects individual organisations operating for the common good of the entire sport; through unifying key behaviours, all entities will ultimately benefit.

  • Focusing on the following unified approach
    • Integrated behaviours
    • Integrated processes
    • Integrated supporting systems
    • Most critical in the areas of
      • Strategy
      • Digital
      • Commercial
      • Financial management

Once adopted and implemented these can lead to the sport to develop and execute activities for benefit of all members.


Project aims

  1. To develop a new strategic plan for Lacrosse over the period 2019 to 2022, as the basis for the long-term objectives of lacrosse.
  2. To use this plan as a framework for implementing a unified behaviours model to support the implementation of the strategies to ensure integrated and efficient operations with local context and autonomy.
  3. To engage all stakeholder’s and member association’s in a process to empower them to adopt either in the short or long term the same strategic direction and plan for lacrosse in Australia.

Strategic Planning Working Group


Glenn Morley - ALA Director

Working Group Members

Scott Willsmore – Lacrosse SA President

Josh Anderson – Lacrosse Victoria Board Secretary


Project outcomes:

  1. Strategic Plan for Lacrosse in Australia
  2. Development of framework for operation plan with a three year horizon developed to implement the plan with review timelines.
  3. Unified behaviors/management model developed to underpin the delivery of the Strategic plan.

Stakeholders and Communication;

A Key for the successful development of the Strategic plan for lacrosse will be the engagement, consultation and ultimately collaboration across the Clubs, MA’s, ALA and the broader lacrosse community.

As part of the development of the Strategic Plan extensive consultation has been planned across all management and participation segments to ensure the engagement of all the identified stakeholder groups detailed below;

  • Broader lacrosse community
  • Clubs
  • Member associations – Board and staff
  • Officiating bodies
  • ALA Board and staff
  • Funding bodies and sponsors
  • Lacrosse foundations
  • Australian Lacrosse Network
  • State and Federal Governments


Key Project Consultation activities:

  • October 2018 - Member Survey, Member Association Survey, Club Survey
  • November / December 2018 - State planning forums (open invitation)
    • Perth  - 29 November
    • Brisbane – 3 December
    • Sydney – 4 December
    • Melbourne – 5 December
    • Adelaide – 6 December
    • December 2018 – Draft Strategy developed for comment
    • January 2018 – Strategic Plan is endorsed
    • February 2018 – Strategic Plan is publicly launched and promoted to the Lacrosse Community and key stakeholders

Community engagement will form a vital component of the development of the new Strategic plan for lacrosse in Australia. We ask everyone in Australia’s lacrosse community that has an interest in seeing our sport grow and prosper to please take the time to offer thoughts and ideas to ensure the plan every success.


Get in contact

In the first instance we ask all to engage in the survey and state-based forums, for further opportunities to provide input please contact the working group Chair, Glenn Morley

To stay up to date with the progress of the plan – and to receive further information on the consultation process register for the mailing list by completing a brief form – Mailing List form


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