Senior National Championship - Restructure

The Australian Lacrosse Association and Member Association have been exploring the opportunity to restructure the Senior National Championship. To find out why and the proposed idea please see below. To provide your feedback please access the survey via the following link: 

The survey will close on 15th of April 2018.

Rationale for Change

One of the pillars of the ALA Strategic Plan 2015-2018 is to:

Provide opportunity for our people to showcase their skills through National Competitions, High Performance teams, Exhibition Games, Tours, Major Events.

SWOT ANALYSIS - The situation now
Although the ALA provides this opportunity to MAs in the form of an annual National Senior Championship, currently rotated between LSA, LV and LWA – input from the MAs through a SWOT analysis and consultation indicate that there are major areas of concerns with the current format of this Championship structure.

They are:

  1. Quality: Lack of consistency in quality of representative teams on a year on year basis – particularly the year after a World event (both Men & Women)
  2. Timing: June/July timing of Championship can be impacted weatherwise and therefore the quality of spectacle is jeopardised
  3. Cost: Championship involves both financial cost and time off work cost for participants, regardless of location
  4. Integrity: The introduction of teams from outside of MAs impacts on both point 1 regarding competition standard and point 3 regarding increase the length (and therefore $$ costs of Championship) and no pride in wearing the state uniform.

As a result, although ALA provides the opportunity to showcase the best players in each state, often some are not participating in the Senior Championship events year on year.

Restructure proposal – 2019.

Senior Field Lacrosse National Championship:

  • A yearly event.[1]
  • To be run in October each year and to be run concurrently with the final 4 days of the U15 Tournament[2]
  • Only Member Association registered teams will be involved[3]

[1] It was determined that this event is required on an annual basis to accommodate the requirements of representative teams and to maintain continuity across the schedule and host Memebr Asssociations with Championship combined with Under 15. It  is also seen as  detrimental to the  High Performance program if not held yearly.

[2] This new time was considered optimal due to “the event” – i.e. weather, ground conditions, availability of stadium – *event spectacle *, single focus on Championship, opportunity to showcase the best of senior lacrosse to many U15 players.

[3] Will keep Championship to maximum 4 day event in its current team number format (ie combined Qld/NSW)


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