Women's National Technical Committee

Australian Lacrosse Association (ALA) is pleased to announce the appointment of the Women's National Technical Committee (WNTC).

The WNTC will be charged with the management of operational requirements relating to officiating women's lacrosse competitions at ALA national tournaments and the selection of women's lacrosse officials to FIL, APLU and other international lacrosse events.

The WNTC are also responsible for establishing and maintaining, interstate and international officiating selection standards, provision of Umpire Rules Testing and Accreditation, and the establishment and maintenance of a National Grading System for women's lacrosse officials.

The WNTC members will work with and assist the Member Associations and Officiating bodies in their State.

The ALA UIC will coordinate the activities of the WNTC and provide support to NSW, Queensland and Tasmanian officials.


The appointees are;

ALA Umpire in Charge

Martin Kiploks


Martin Kiploks Photo

South Australian Umpire in Charge

Tammy Varga



Victorian Umpire in Charge 
(Vic UIC)

Kristine Palmer


Kris Palmer

Western Australian Umpire in Charge

Kellie Morley

  Kellie Morley Photo 2


The ALA would like to take this opportunity to thank these people for volunteering to perform these tasks for Lacrosse in Australia.


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