Quick Stix - Term 2

Quick Stix
Quick Stix  

What is Quick Stix?

Quick Stix is a introduction program designed for juniors age 5-12. Quick Stix is made up of three programs; Quick Stix Inform, Quick Stix Involve and Quick Stix Invade. These programs are designed to introduce the community to lacrosse, teach the basic skills of lacrosse and allow juniors to play lacrosse in a safe, suitable environment.

For more details regarding Quick Stix please visit the Quick Stix website

Quick Stix Involve; designed to be delivered in schools to school students, are currently running through Sporting Schools.

What is Sporting Schools?

The Sporting Schools Program is an Australian Sport Commission initiative  which provides funding and the opportunity for schools to have sport delivered to students and then link students back to local clubs!

We need your help to grow lacrosse, Quick Stix and the  number of students playing lacrosse in Australia.

How Can I Help?

You can help by visiting your local school and providing them with the below information on how to register for Sporting School and book a Quick Stix Program for Term 2. You will need to contact schools now so they can book in Quick Stix at the start of March.

To help get your school involved please the provide information relating to registration and booking Quick Stix;

  1. Information for schools to register for Sporting Schools
  2. Information for schools to book a Quick Stix Involve Program


Once a school books a Quick Stix Program the ALA will then work with State Associations, clubs and coach to organise and deliver the program including encouraging students to visit their local club.


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