Play & Study Overseas

Study and play lacrosse in America!

Westtown School located in West Chester, Pennsylvania (United States) is offering the opportunity for students to study and play lacrosse in America.

This opportunity would see incoming 9th, 10th and possibly 11th graders attending Westtown School next school year and possibly have the ability to continue playing in the states for college.

Westtown has a very talented, devoted staff that creates a positive learning environment and has 100% college acceptance rate. This being said, there is a lot of opportunity for students that would like to streamline into American university systems.

Westtown also have admission consultants that can help with streamlining the enrolment process if you are interested. They can provide advice and guidance on if Westtown School would be a good fit & with international paperwork. There is also the possibly of financial aid through a qualification process.

In terms of lacrosse students play in all formats of lacrosse and have a break to come home. The below calendar is a guide of what can be expected:

Fall - practice (field and box), lifting, tournament(s),

Winter - Box, lifting, tournament(s),

Spring - field and lifting,

Summer – Head back home to Australia.

Todd MacFarlane is the Head Boy's Lacrosse Coach at Westtown School and has worked with the University of Pennsylvania and University of Maryland.

Todd is the main contact if you have any questions or wish to purse this opportunity.
Todd MacFarlane

Click here to learn more about the Westtown School Lacrosse Coach

For those interested you do need to reach a certain criterion which is provided below;


  • Have a TOEFL score of 90 and above and a SSAT score around 2100-2200


  • Solid charter, hardworking and would appreciate being part of something great 
  • Wants to be part of a family like atmosphere.


  • Not looking the ultimate player or hotshot. Looking for tough, hard working, grinder type player that wants to continue to develop.

Remember if interested please contact Todd MacFarlane


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