IWGA - Athlete of the Year 2017

International World Games Association
International World Games Association
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Voting for the International World Games Association Athlete of the Year is open. After Lacrosse was included into The World Games for the first time in 2017 the USA Women’s Lacrosse team has been nominated after a successful campaign and a final win against Canada (11-8).

This nomination is an enormous achievement for our sport and we are calling for all members to vote for the USA Women Lacrosse team to help bring the spotlight back on our sport within the international committee.

To cast your vote click on the word "vote" below. For more information please visit the International World Games Association website


21 Athletes/team have been nominated, the 9 athletes/teams with the most votes after the Jan 15 2018 will continue in the race.


  • You can give one vote for your candidate once every 24 hours.
  • If you provide us your name, surname and email address and agree to receive our newsletter you will be able to give two votes at once instead of only one (see details in the confirmation email you will receive).
  • On January 15th 21:00 CET only the 9 candidates with the most votes will continue in the race.

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