Want to know what's being presented at the ALA National Conference?

2017 ALA National Conference, 25 & 26 February
2017 ALA National Conference, 25 & 26 February  

The 2017 ALA National Conference is going to be full of great information and insights into our game for everyone: coaches, officials and club officials & volunteers.

Sat 25 Feb 2017, 9am - 4pm
Sun 26 Feb 2017, 9am - 3pm


Here is a taste of those presenting and what they'll be sharing:


  • Andrew has been involved in lacrosse for over 40 years at all levels.
  • He has been a sales and marketing professional for 20 years.
  • He currently works in a member organisation where the member and their needs are the number 1 priority.

Marketing your Club - Do you leave a good first impression?

Prospective members, parents, children walk into your club for the first time. What do they see and how are they treated? In this session we will explore what is your club "brand" both internally and externally. We all work hard to attract new club members - learn how not to lose them on their first visit or interaction with other club members.


  • All World Goalkeeper  1984/1990
  • Assistant Coach, 2006, 2014, Australian Men's Team & 2009 Australian Women’s Team


  • All World Goalkeeper  2009
  • 7 time Australian Women's Team 1993, 1997, 2001, 2005 Gold, 2009, 2013, 2017 World Cup
  • Goal Keeper Coach, 2003, 2007, 2011, U19 Australian Women's Team

Preparing your Goalkeeper

Preparing a Goalkeeper. What it takes to be a very good keeper. Stance, footwork, position in the cage. Will go through warm up and drills to help with all things goalkeeping for both Men and Women.


  • ALA Growth Coordinator
  • Senior Coach Williamstown Lacrosse Club
  • Head Coach, 2009 - 2013, German Women's National Team
  • Worked with English Lacrosse 2000-2005 in Development, Coach Education and Child Protection

Quick Stix

Quick Stix is a free flowing, modified form of lacrosse for kids to start learning the game.
It focuses on the three basic lacrosse skills: scooping, catching and throwing. From this starting point, kids can move onto team play and game rules. In other words, kids learn to love the sport before they take on its technicalities.
It is for boys and girls aged 5-12.
It is easy to learn and teach, and super fun to play.
Kids can use slightly different techniques (for different skill levels) to play the game.


  • Current General Manager of Lacrosse Victoria

Quick Stix

Learning from the trial of Quick Stix. How Quick Stix will be rolled out to each participating club


  • Tim is a Clinical Psychologist
  • He has a particular interest in health, wellbeing and behavioural change.

Enhance an athletes Wellbeing and Performance

Tim is currently piloting a program using evidence based applied psychological techniques in sports coaching and athlete education aimed at enhancing wellbeing and performance of athletes. Within the workshop Tim will briefly outline the key principles of the program then take participants through several fun and thought provoking activities to assist workshop participants get a taste of the program and tools to take away as a coach, player or official.


  • Current Assistant Coach of the 2017 Australian Women's Lacrosse Team
  • Extensive coaching background at both State and National level
  • Head Coach, 2016 Victorian Team (National Champions)
  • Head Coach, 2003 U19 Australian Team (Silver Medallists).
  • Player in three Australian Women's Team, 2001, 2005 and 2009 World Cup and was an alternate in 1997.

Modern Defensive Tactics and Skills

Take a look at the mechanics of a range of defensive styles - 1 to 1, Backer and Zone D as well as defensive transition options including the Zone Ride. What will work for your team, what skills your players need, and how to implement!


  • Head Coach, 2014 and 2018 Australian Men's Team
  • CoCoach, 2007,08,09,10,11, Victorian Men's Team (5 National Titles)
  • Head Coach, Men's State League, 2008,09,10,11,12,13,15,17
  • State League player 1980-1997 (5 Premierships)
  • Player, 86,88,89,91,92, Victorian Senior Men's Team (4 National Titles)
  • Australian Men's Team 1983/85/88/89/90 

How vision can teach

This session will show how game footage and where you film from can take you to another level as a coach. A slightly interactive session with film from the Senior Men's Japan March tour 2014 and the Denver 2014 Worlds that will show how the Australian coaching staff used game film to both learn and teach.
A terrific session to show top level lacrosse broken down on film and what we need to be teaching our kids to work on to play elite level lacrosse.


  • Director of Coaching, 2012 - Present, Australian Lacrosse Association
  • Sports Consultant, 2016 - Present, Department of Sport and Recreation
  • Manager, 2008 - 2016, Club Development and Coaching WA Football Commission
  • President, 2008 - 2015, Bayswater Lacrosse Club 5

Whole Club Approach to Development

This session will assist clubs to implement systems and structures to ensure continual development of players and coaches within the club environment. Utilising the Club Coach Coordinator Program, Individual Coach Development Plans and the US Lacrosse Athlete Development Model to take the guess work out developing the future leaders of your club.


  • Assistant Coach, 2018 Australian Men's Team
  • Head Coach, 2015 U23 Australian Men's Team
  • Head Coach, 2016, 2017 WA Senior Men’s Team
  • Head Coach, 2008 - 2017 Bayswater Lacrosse Club

Utilising a Modern Approach to Maximise Training

Coaches will gain confidence to split the training group and direct quality reps for all their players in a dynamic training environment, that challenges players mentally and physically as they work on decision making, competitiveness and skill development.


  • Assistant Coach, 2018 Australian Men's Team
  • 2010 Australian Men's Team 
  • WA Senior State Team

Developing Defenders

Defenders, like goalies and face-off players seldom are given a strong set of drills to develop the key skills required to be a great defender.
This session will take you through a range of stick work, footwork, checking and shooting drills to develop dominant defenders for the club, state or international level.


  • 20 years in the Women's AFL as both a player and coach
  • 5 time All Australian, 4 Premierships
  • Former Head Coach, 2014-15 WAFC Female Talent Academy 
  • Former Assistant Coach, 2016 East Fremantle Colts
  • Current Assistant Coach, 2017 Collingwood FC AFLW 
  • Current profession, Perth based Fire Firefighter (14 years)

Converting Athletes to Players and How to Fast Track Skill Development and Game Play

How to identify potential AFLW draftees, the selection process and the focus areas of development.




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