ALA National Quick Stix Program - LAUNCH


A corner-stone of the ALA’s Growth strategy has been, and remains, getting a lacrosse product created for delivery in Primary Schools across Australia via endorsement by the ASC/SS (Australian Sports Commission/Sporting Schools) program from early 2017. The major goal within this strategy is to maximise primary school students’ participation in the sport of lacrosse in Australia from the beginning of 2017 and in the years beyond.

The framing of the requirement was generated via the ALA’s Growth Advisory Council (GAC) over the past year. The Quick Stix product (QS), initially created by Lacrosse Victoria, has been adapted and further developed for use by the ALA. This has been endorsed by the GAC for potential use around Australia via the ASC/SS program in future years. The intent is to create a sustainable model for lacrosse presentation in Primary Schools by training teachers who will provide QS delivery to their pupils. It is believed that lacrosse will have a very strong appeal as a ‘non-traditional’ sport within Australian primary school programs. Boys And Girls

The ALA Growth Co-ordinator – Damien Orr – recently attended and presented to the ASC/SS very professionally.  Damien has been in this ALA role over the last 2 months. The QS product has been packaged by professional graphic design (via Roque/Steve Mackey) to finalise the design path and packaging of that QS product – work which Damien has progressed into pilot status currently. This QS product has visual instructions (for progressing the 5 stages of product learning progression) with instructions per video of game operations and additional drills/exercises. A dedicated QS website has been established and is being populated (web address to be announced soon). Additionally a brochure has been produced (for students/parents) together with an instruction manual (for teachers/coaches/instructors). 

 A QS pilot scheduled has been developed with teaching staff in 5 schools for an audience of 1000+ students on the Surf Coast of Victoria (between Geelong-Torquay-Lorne) by Damien with assistance from LV support staff and will be presented by teachers who have recently been trained. This pilot has commenced from the week commencing Monday 10th October 2016. The first week is a critical stage of check pointing our current QS product status. The duration of this pilot will be over those 6 successive weeks for any development refinement found required and the finalisation of the QS packaging. 

At the conclusion of the QS pilot a QS Implementation Plan will be created by ALA for QS rollout in conjunction with the mainland States and the GAC. And endorsement will be sought from ASC/SS for endorsement of QS into their ASC/SS program from as early as possible in 2017. We look forward to positive achievements against these goals and will update the lacrosse community via the ALA communication channels as progress is made.


Mike Slattery.

ALA Growth Director.

12 October 2016.