ALA 2016 Recognition Dinner SAVE the DATE
ALA 2016 Recognition Dinner SAVE the DATE  

With the ALA 2016 Recognition Dinner fast approaching, ALA is pleased to announce that this year, not only the Senior Men's and Women's teams will be recognized but also the Under-19 Men's and the Under-19 Women's teams as well as the Indoor Men's teams.

ALA has been holding a Recognition Dinner for a number of years with the function being held during the ALA Senior Championship. This year (2016), it is to be held in Melbourne on Friday 10th of June (details TBA) during the ALA 2016 Senior Championship. Next year (2017) it will be held in Adelaide and in 2018, it will be in Perth.  

It is pleasing to say that the majority of the contacts for the Australian Women's teams (Senior and Under-19) are on file and will therefore receive an invitation to the Dinner as soon as all details are finalised. But, if you have changed your email or home address please let us know.

However, if you played in an Australian Under-19 Men's team of 1988 - 2008 and/or in an Australian Men's Indoor team of 2003 and 2007, then ALA is looking to acknowledge your participation at the 2016 Recognition Dinner and definitely needs your contact information to ensure that you receive an invitation. 

Please contact ALA at as soon as possible and let us know your contact details and which team you played in.


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