Lacrosse Australia Foundation - One Step Closer

Australian Lacrosse Association
Australian Lacrosse Association  

ALA President, Mike Slattery, announced today that the Lacrosse Australia Foundation had become one step closer to realisation with a total of $281,028 being deposited into the one account under the Lacrosse Australia Foundation name.

This amount was a combination of deposited funds from the Australian Lacrosse Association and the Australian Lacrosse Foundation. Interest achieved on the fund balance will be used for projects within the “Growth” pillar of the ALA 2015 – 2018 Strategic Plan. The Lacrosse Australia Foundation will be administered and managed by a board of independent representatives nominated by Member Associations and ALA.

Mike commented, “This is an exciting initiative for lacrosse in Australia which has taken a great effort by many people to get to this point today. This type of foundation has been used overseas for many years to produce funds that have been used to increase participation. From here, the lacrosse community, both present and past will be able to donate to the foundation and therefore add to the money spent in growing this great sport of ours.”

Details on the foundation and how to donate will be available on the ALA website in early 2016.