Australian Sports Commission Confidence in the ALA

Australian Sports Commission
Australian Sports Commission  

The Australian Sports Commission has demonstrated its confidence in the Australian Lacrosse Association by increasing its funding to the association from $50,000 PA to $90,000 PA for the 2015-2016 FY with a probable further increase to $100,000 PA for the 2016-2017 FY.

The increased funding will be allocated to growing participation. 

This increase in funding from the ASC has been granted based on two key platforms:

  1. Governance
  2. Participation Increase

In announcing this increase, the ASC made comment on the excellent governance principles and practices that ALA, and therefore the sport, displays and that the increase in participation across all aspects of lacrosse has meant the sport has entered into the “E” category, which attracts this increase in funding as well as an increase in support services from ASC.

Lacrosse were only 1 of 22 sports in total, and only 1 of 5 sports for Participation performance alone, who received ASC Investment Allocation 2015-16 increases.

This increase in funding will be put into activities within the ALA's 2015 – 2018 Strategic Plan pillar of “Growth”, where a further increase in participation will be the number one priority.

When asked about this acknowledgement by the ASC, ALA President Mike Slattery commented, “As the first increase in funding for 20 years, it is reflective of the work of the board, Member Associations and the lacrosse community as a whole have put into these two areas over the past couple of years and is just reward for this effort. We must continue to focus on growing the participation levels across a broad section of the community in all states in order to not only maintain this category, but to go to the next level. ALA will be announcing an exciting new national initiative in the New Year that will assist the lacrosse community in realising this goal.”