USA too strong for gallant Aussie team in Game 3

Game 3 - Australia v USA
Game 3 - Australia v USA  
Game 3 - Australia v USA
Game 3 - Australia v USA  


Australia 6 lost to USA 19

After the excitement and then disappointment of the game against Canada on day 2, the challenge was to get up again and prepare to take on the USA. Again the start was delayed – 20 minutes after the scheduled time – but once the game got going, it seemed the players were on. Starting goalie Sharn Muffet made a good early save and up the other end Bec Lane fed Olivia Parker for the first goal of the game. After a quick reply from the US, Sarah Smith had a shot saved but retrieved the rebound and put it back in the net. Australia were 2 to 1 up. That was the last time they held the lead for the game.

The US team started to apply more pressure on the ball carrier – double and triple teaming – and their ability to take maximum advantage from the resultant turnovers hurt the Australians. With the US quickly moving to a 4 2 lead, Australia made a goalie substitution. Eliza Morgan’s welcome to the game was less than hospitable. For long periods it seemed the Australians were only playing defence. On the occasions when the ball was in their possession, they were not able to capitalise. It wasn’t until after the USA had stretched their score to 8 that Karri Somerville was able to successfully drive from the top of the fan to score Australia’s third.

The possession imbalance was then exacerbated by consecutive yellow cards – the first to Ashtyn Hiron and the second to Karri Somerville. By the time the player numbers were level, the score was 11 to 3. With goals to Theo Kwas from a free space call and then Steph Kelly, Australia went into half time having scored five goals. That compares favourably with the two goals they scored in the first half of the game against Canada except for the small fact that US had compiled 13 goals in just one half of lacrosse.

Australia started the second half like they did the first, by scoring first. Ashtyn Hiron shot high; it hit the goalie, then bounce-trickled over the line. It meant Australia had scored three of the four goals either side of the half time break, but that was Australia’s last score of the game. The US continued to dominate the centre draw. As with most sports, it is difficult to score if you don’t have possession of the ball (cricket and baseball being possible exceptions). The defenders continued to battle courageously. Bec Steer was able to harass a couple of turnovers, and Bridget Hogan, Esther Lavelle and Audrey Fithall did their best work one-on-one and on many occasions were able to keep the driving players from the goal. Eliza Morgan made a couple of great saves in a row. But the weight of US possession could not be withstood forever. The final score was USA 19 to Australia 6.

Tomorrow’s game is against England. They played Canada earlier today and in a repeat of what happened with Australia and Canada, the game went to double overtime and Canada won with a golden goal. That tells you that tomorrow will present another great challenge. The players will be ready.

A big thanks to the team representatives for providing these match reports!


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