A win for the Aussies as the FIL U19 Worlds begin

Game 1 - Australia v Czech Republic
Game 1 - Australia v Czech Republic  
FIL U19 World Championship Opening Ceremony
FIL U19 World Championship Opening Ceremony  


Australia 28 Czech Republic 2

On the original schedule of the FIL U19 Women’s World Championships, Australia had a bye on day one. However, with the late withdrawal of the Haudenosaunee Nation Team, a re-fixturing had the Pool A teams, which includes Australia, each playing one of the teams from either Pool B or Pool C.

Australia was thus drawn to meet the Czech Republic. The Pool A teams are seeded in the top pool due to performances in previous world championships, so it wasn’t expected that there would be a serious challenge from the Czech team. However this was no easy game despite what the scores may indicate.

Australia opened the scoring within the first minute with Karri Somerville using her speed to have the defence on the back-pedal. She was to repeat the effort several times throughout the game. Bec Lane had a dominant game, her final reward coming with the awarding of player of the match. A few times Bec, who after the championships is heading to St Joseph’s university in the US on an athletic scholarship, teamed with Ashtyn Hiron who is already in the US at Jacksonville, either passing or receiving assists. Her performance was filled out by the number of centre draws she controlled. The low point was the awarding of a yellow card which had her out of the game for two minutes late in the second half. Fortunately this intriguing decision did nothing to detract from her overall performance.

With a half time score of 19 to 1, the Australians used the second half to practise the more structured aspects of the play, several times pulling back from potential fast breaks to set up the offence. Sarah Smith and Theo Kwas were also prominent in attack and Hayley Fuss and Ellie Bishop demonstrating their speed ball carrying and delivery ability.

The defence played their part on the occasions when the Czech Republic did challenge – harrying the ball carrier and keeping good defensive position when on-on-one. Picking off passes, clean checking, and winning the majority of the ground balls, the defence combined well, limiting the Czech scoring opportunities. The final margin was 28 to 2.

The players will be enthusiastic observers when they watch the USA take on Canada later today. It is Canada they face tomorrow and then the USA on day 3. The championships are starting to warm up.

A big thanks to the team representatives for their detailed match reports! 

For other Day 1 highlights see the FIL website, http://filacrosse.com/australia-host-scotland-among-winners-on-fil-day-one/


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