ALA Strategic Planning - State Based Forums

Australian Lacrosse Association
Australian Lacrosse Association  

The ALA are currently developing the Strategic Plan for lacrosse in Australia. This plan will take us through to 2018 and beyond.

In the development of the Strategic Plan for Lacrosse the ALA board has undertaken to complete an exhaustive consultation period with all Lacrosse stakeholders.

This commenced in late 2014 when the ALA planning survey was created. In a great sign for lacrosse we had over 240 responses with some strong comments on the way Lacrosse has been developing, and fantastic ideas on how we can embrace the games future.

The second phase in consultation has been with the State bodies boards and staff, at this session the pillars to the plan were developed along with the ongoing vision for lacrosse in Australia.

ALA Vision - "To be the fastest growing sport in Australia"

The pillars for the plan will be to:

  • Develop the best people
  • Show Australia our Game
  • Provide opportunities for all Australians to play Lacrosse
  • Build the business of Lacrosse
  • Provide opportunities for our people to showcase their skills

The third phase in consultation is the state based open forums. The aim of the state based forums is to develop plans ideas and strategies from the lacrosse Community so that we have a wider pool of ideas, concepts and possibilities that can be rolled into a collective plan for the development of Lacrosse in Australia.

State Based Forum Dates:

  • Queensland - March 28th 2015
  • New South Wales - April 18th 2015
  • West Australia - May 11th 2015
  • South Australia - TBC
  • Tasmania - TBC
  • Victoria - TBC