The Game That Never Was - Tasman friendly marks 100 years

The Game That Never Was - ANZAC Lacrosse Competition
The Game That Never Was - ANZAC Lacrosse Competition  

ANZAC Lacrosse games in Auckland NZ to mark centenary

The centenary of WWI this year not only marks a significant anniversary of world war history, but also of the history of Lacrosse in both Australia and New Zealand.


In 1914, New South Wales was set to travel to and play against New Zealand as a touring team, yet due to circumstances of the war, this game was cancelled. Men’s lacrosse never recovered in New Zealand and was not played again until it was re-established in 2000.


This ANZAC day, Australia will send a team to New Zealand and play a commemorative match to mark the milestone of 100 years, alongside Rugby matches at College Rifles in Auckland.


The New Zealand Amateur Lacrosse Union (NZALU) brought about the concept of a centennial game after discovering this historical non-event in old records, and approached the Australian Lacrosse Association to suggest a memorial match be held to acknowledge the significance of the war and the history of the game. The first such commemorative match occurred in 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand.


College Rifles was established in 1897 and is itself named after a military unit, many of whose members fought in the Great War. The Australia and New Zealand Men’s Lacrosse teams will be joining the College Rifles ANZAC Parade and both rugby and lacrosse will be played this Saturday, 25 April 2015 in Auckland.


Mike Slattery, President of the Australian Lacrosse Association, hopes that the Tasman friendly may become a tradition for the two nations, who once fought together.


“This is a great opportunity to further develop our relationship with New Zealand, but also to profile lacrosse to a wider audience”.