Australian Women’s Team Head Coach, Sue Sofarnos, on preparations for the '17 FIL World Cup

Sue Sofarnos, Australian Women's Team, Head Coach
Sue Sofarnos, Australian Women's Team, Head Coach  
National Team 2017 Women
National Team 2017 Women  

Sue talks candidly about her appointment and plans for the 2017 Australian Team.

I am honoured to have been recently announced as Head Coach of the Australian Women’s Lacrosse Team for the 2017 FIL World Cup and I’m looking forward to getting what I intend to be a “new look” program up and running over the coming months.

With an earlier start than previous programs, what are your initial aims?

Apart from Australian training and events, our players only have two opportunities per year for serious pressure competition; in domestic club finals and annual Nationals. Maximising these competition opportunities are very important for development of our players under these conditions. With this in mind, it is important to make it clear to prospective Australian Squad members from the outset, that there is an expectation that all Australian based Squad Members will trial and be representing their state at the 2015 ALA Nationals in June, being held in Perth.

What can Squad Members expect from the 2017 program?

I am currently finalising the program outline with ALA, but my intention is for a relatively “slow” roll out mid 2015, with new training program ideas and times, increased International competition at home and abroad, a yearly fundraising /sponsorship focus to offset player costs as much as possible and just generally reinvigorate all areas of the 2017 program so that players want to commit from the outset.

We are starting our World Cup program almost a year earlier than past programs, to gain an advantage in all areas of, player development, team development on and off the field and strength & conditioning. As such, all players who want to represent their country in 2017 need to make the commitment and apply to be a squad member from the outset, so as to give themselves and the team, the best chance of success in 2017. 

When will applications be open?

On-Line Applications for the 2017 Squad will open on; Saturday 21 March.

And Close on Friday 24 April 2015.

The Squad will be announced early May 2015.

The program outline and calendar for the Squad will be attached to the On-line Application, along with details of the program and required commitment over the next two years.

Can we expect to equal or better our Bronze medal result of the previous 2013 World Cup?

Our 2013 FIL World Cup bronze medal result, whilst keeping our proud medal winning record at every World Cup intact, is something we should not be satisfied with! This result suggests to me, we cannot just keep doing what we have always done if we want success in 2017. So I’m asking the players, myself, and all staff that come on board for this journey to COMMIT now and step up our efforts in all aspects of how we prepare so we give ourselves every opportunity to play for and win Gold in 2017! That is THE goal!

I look forward to seeing all 2017 Squad Members on the field in Perth at the 2015 ALA Nationals.

“The difference between ordinary & extraordinary is that little EXTRA!

Let’s dare to be EXTRAORDINARY!”

Go Aussies!

Sue Sofarnos