Players to nominate now for the 2015 ANZAC ALA Commemorative Teams

The Game That Never Was - ANZAC Lacrosse Competition
The Game That Never Was - ANZAC Lacrosse Competition  


IN AUCKLAND 25-26 April 2015

Between ALA vs NZALU Men’s & Women’s Teams


The Australian and New Zealand lacrosse associations (ALA & NZALU respectively) have arranged for teams from Australia to go over and play the New Zealand teams in a 2015 ANZAC Day Lacrosse Competition. They will also be part of their Auckland Remuera 2015 ANZAC  parade and commemorations at College Rifles Area (which has an obvious connection to this event).  This is the venue where the 2011 ASPAC (ASia PACific) men’s and women’s competitions were held.  There will be both men’s and women’s lacrosse teams competing.


In 1914 NSW and NZ were set to play lacrosse against each other – the game that never was.  This match had to be called off because of the outbreak of the Great War - and subsequently that was the end of NZ lacrosse (for men) for the next 86 years.

Hence it became the centenary lacrosse game re-scheduled  and played in 2014 and provided an important moment to acknowledge an important piece of both countries culture and history.

Below is the link to the paper of the day announcing the cancellation of the scheduled game due to the outbreak of World War 1.

NB: Captain William Alfred Browning was a player for the Ponsonby Club (which NZALU are re-establishing). He left with the first contingent for Samoa - there is a picture at College Rifles rooms of the College Rifles (regiment) who were also part of this contingent. Lots of great connections here and a heritage worthy of further exploration!

From the archives this was the last announcement regarding men's lacrosse apart from obituaries - attached are some extracts from the papers of 1914. Next year will be the 100 year anniversary of the start of the World War 1.


The Australian teams will be ALA (Australian Lacrosse Association) commemorative teams.

There will be both men’s and women’s teams participating.

These ALA Teams will travel on Friday 24th April 2015 to Auckland. On arrival, this will be the initial and only pre-competition get together for the selected ALA teams.

They will take part in the Auckland Remuera ANZAC Day parade (9am on Saturday 25th April 2015).
They will each play a lacrosse game in the afternoon of the 25th being ANZAC Day.

All games will be played on the College Rifles fields (which are also a home to rugby and are artificial turf fields).

There is (dormitory style) accommodation on site at College Rifles which has been pre-booked for 40 ALA team members.

On Sunday 26th April there will be a bus tour of the Auckland area held for the ALA team members.

The ALA teams will then fly back to Australia on the afternoon of that Sunday.

ALA team members will hence be required for those 3 days (requiring 1 days ‘leave’ allocation) over 24-26 April 2015.  All NZ arrangements will be made by ALA. All travel will be organised via the ALA’s travel agent - Acland Travel (who will have the booking capability on-line on their website for the selected ALA team members).

The detailed budget is currently being produced and will be available and published (on the ALA website) prior to the applicants closure date.  The ALA Team members will be required to self-fund their travel and accommodation (at this stage) but sponsorship is being sought by the ALA. A commemorative playing uniform is being investigated for both ALA teams.  Publicity for lacrosse, both in New Zealand and Australia, will be developed and issued once the teams have been finalised.

Application, Criteria & Selection Process

All applications are to be made to Viv Parker-White, ALA Director – Administration via

The closing date for applications will be Monday 2nd March 2015. Nominations are open NOW.

Selection of all team members will be made by ALA Directors and finalised by 9tht March 2015. All applicants will then be advised accordingly and the selected ALA Teams published on the ALA website in mid March 2015.

All applications will need to be endorsed by the home club (either by the President, coach, committee member, etc.) for each nominating player.

Each applicant will need to state their club, playing history, age, experience, playing position(s) and current playing level. Additionally it is important that each applicant state their purpose(s) for applying, both from a lacrosse perspective and/or from any ANZAC commemorative reason.

It is noted that this ANZAC commemorative event will be early in 2015’s winter season of club lacrosse competition and also that the ALA National U/18 Championship will be conducted over 15-18 April 2014 in South Australia.  However this is a unique opportunity to participate in a centenary event to commemorate an important centenary when the ANZAC troops landed in Gallipoli in 1915.

The criteria for selection will be to:

  • have at least one representative from each member State Association of the ALA;
  • have a team playing standard at around a 2nd level State competition (i.e. for LV at Division 1 for men);
  • have the skills required to field teams with players in their nominated playing positions;
  • obtain a team mixture of experienced players through to those less experienced but with development capabilities;
  • ensure that the individuals are registered lacrosse members and that their character and behaviour is endorsed by their club for selection in these ALA commemorative teams.

Positions being called for are:

Women’s team of 18 players – including 2 goalies

Men’s team of 18 players – including 2 goalies

1 Coach for each of the men’s & women’s teams

1 Manager for each of the men’s & women’s teams

Note 1:  An appointed ALA Team Manager will lead and accompany these ALA teams. This will be Fran Nichols (who will answer any queries via ).

Note 2: NZALU will be asked to provide local trainer/strapper/physio support.

The selection process will be:

  • made by the Directors of the ALA Board as recommended by Fran Nichols as the Team Manager;
  • against the published criteria (as above);
  • inclusive of nomination reason(s) stated by the applicants.


So - we just need Australian teams to come and play the NZ National Teams (elect).

Over to all interested lacrosseurs.....please make your nomination for the ALA 2015 Commemorative ANZAC team as soon as possible….we realise it needs to be quick but this is a great and one-off opportunity!