Call for Nominations, FIL Committees - Men's & Women's

Federation of International Lacrosse
Federation of International Lacrosse  

The FIL has released a call for nominations for FIL Committees (Men's and Women's) for the following positions:


  • Officiating Chair


  • 2 open positions, Officiating Committee
  • 1 open position, Rules Committee

These positions are generally 4 year appointments, however, they will be negotiated with the respective Women's and Men's Directors to facilitate appropriate rotation and succession planning, At this stage, it is anticipated that there will be 2, 3 and 4 year term appointments.

The FIL link for this information is:


All applications must come to the ALA Board as ALA must endorse any nominations put forward.

Nominations need to be received by the ALA Director of Administration by the 15th December 2014.

The Nomination Form and related information can be found here.