2013 Under 18 Championships Wrap-Up

Under 18 Australian Lacrosse Championships
Under 18 Australian Lacrosse Championships  

The boys’ and girls’Under 17 Championshipwas replaced by the Under 18 Championship trialled in 2012 and 2013; it was agreed that the trial would continue in 2014 and 2015.  The Under 17 Championship trophies are being presented for the Under 18 Championship during the trial period.

The boys’ and girls’ 2013 Under 18 Smarter than Smoking Championship was hosted by Lacrosse Western Australia commencing Sunday 21st to Saturday 27th April at Halliday Park, Bayswater Lacrosse Club on grass fields; Glenn Morley was the Championship Co-ordinator.  Under 18 participating teams were:

Girls - South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia and New Zealand.

Boys – South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia.

Boys:  Victoria won the Mal Taylor Championship Trophy and Western Australia won the ALC Tournament Trophy, the teams were presented with the relevant trophies and Championship medallions.

Australian All Stars team medallions were also presented to:

Attack                   Sam Anglicas (Vic), Dein Diver (WA), Kenny Speak (Vic)

Midfield               Ben Game (WA) Best & Fairest Henry Volk Trophy* and medallion,

                                Isaac Cahill (WA), Angus Thompson-Pritchard (Vic)

Defence               Dylan Kinderman (Vic), Zach Rogers (SA), Simon Whitehead (SA)

Goalkeeper        Luke Dobson (Vic)

Coach                    Steve Weissbacher (Vic)

Official                  Steve Green


Girls:  Victoria won the Camille Hobbs Perpetual Cup, Janet Jackson Tournament Trophy, Jeannie Matthews Cup* (SA v Vic), Mellis Cup (Vic v WA) and were presented with Championship medallions.  South Australia won the Rose Gaunt Trophy (SA v WA).

Australian All Stars team medallions were presented to:

Attack                   Jesse Ingram (WA), Sarah Smith (Vic)

Midfield               Best & Fairest Theadora Kwas (Vic), Audrey Fithall (Vic), Ashtyn Hiron (WA),

                                Hannah Mathwin (SA), Karri Somerville (WA)

Defence               Naomi Lane (Vic), Bianca McKay (SA)

Goalkeeper        Eliza Morgan

Coach                    Cliff Jennings (Vic)

Official                  Kellie McBean

The officials appointed to the gold medal games were also presented with medallions.

*Tropy not available for presentation.


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