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2019 FIL U19 Women's Lacrosse World Championship

Peterborough Ontario Canada, Thursday 1st - Saturday 10th August 2019.

Welcome to the home of the U19 Australian Women's Team for 2019. Here you will find related news, events and information about the U19 Australian Women's Team.

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Head Coach position - Applications

Applications are invited for the position of Head Coach for the 2019 U19 Australian Women’s Team.

The Head Coach will play a key role in the operations of the 2019 program for the preparation of the U19 Australian Women's Team to compete at the:

2019 FIL U19 Women's Lacrosse World Championship, to be held in Peterborough Ontario Canada, Thursday 1 - Saturday 10 August.

The challenge includes implementing the program operations for the squad and team, as well as the development of athletes ready for world level competition.

If you have a proven background of developing young athletes, successful Head Coach positions of high level teams and a passion to lead this program, your application is welcomed.

Applications to be submitted electronically to:  

ALA, Director of Administration   administration@lacrosse.com.au 

Applicants must address the Key Selection Criteria in the Position Description.

Applications Close: Monday 27 November 2017 by Close of Business.    

Interview Timelines: late November – early December.

Appointment: December 2017.

Please Note:       All applications will be acknowledged.

                          All applicants are not guaranteed an interview.


U19 Australian Women’s Team Important Information

1. SQUAD ANNOUNCEMENT – Sat 26 Aug 2017 (from applications)

ALA is very pleased to receive a record number of U19 women’s squad applications.

This is reflective of recruitment and development work being done in all states and at club junior levels and the success of the U15 Nationals over several years.


U19 Squad Members will undertake a 4 month schedule of State Based Training, State Based Camps and January 2018 Full Squad Camp, with selection to take place at the end of January 2018.


Please see below for the 2019 U19 Women’s Squad List.

Congratulations to all athletes listed and all the best for the challenge ahead.

 4. 2017 ALA U15 NATIONALS

A number of U19 Squad Members will take part in the upcoming U15 Nationals, Sun 1 – Sat 7 Oct, to be held at Bayswater Lacrosse Club WA. All the best to U19 squad members competing as players; as well as a few taking part as coaches or umpires.



     Sat 21 & Sun 22 Oct                   Perth                                    

     Sat 28 & Sun 29 Oct                   Melbourne

     Sat 4 & Sun 5 Nov                      Adelaide



     Sat 9 & Sun 10 Dec                    Melbourne

     Fri 15 & Sat 16 Dec                     Perth

     Sun 17 & Mon 18 Dec                 Adelaide             


JANUARY 2018 SQUAD CAMP #3 and ALA Southern Crosse Tournament

     Wed 3 – Sun 7 Jan                     Melbourne


Following the October 2017 State Based Camps, local sessions of State Based Training SBT sessions will be advised. This is expected to be two sessions per week;

- one session on the weekend and one mid week session.

Following the January 2018 Squad Camp, SBT sessions will recommence in late January/early February. The days and times of these sessions, will be arranged as required for each state based group.

From March 2018, SBT will be scheduled, both weekly and monthly, relevant to the domestic playing season and state team preparation for Nationals.


An email will follow in a few days for selection of Sizes and Colours.

8. SQUAD APPAREL & EQUIPMENT                                                                              

Squad Apparel Reversible Pinney

Squad t-shirt

Squad shorts

Players UA Honor stick, rail pocket, undeniable shaft

UA Goggles, Charge-2 titanium

GK’s       UA Headline stick.

2019 U19 WOMEN'S SQUAD - updated (95) Tues 21 November 2017

1 1 Indiana Bailey SA
2 2 Darcy Beckett SA
3 3 Brodie Borovnik SA
4 4 Adalia Brokensha SA
5 5 Jasmyn Brown SA
6 6 Amy Butterfield SA
7 7 Penelope Casson SA
8 8 Ashleigh Clark SA
9 9 Ilia Cross SA
10 10 Sarah Damin SA
11 11 Ella Drury SA
12 12 Katie Duffy SA
13 13 Eliza Fenton-Mair SA
14 14 Jesse Froud SA
15 15 Casey Goudie SA
16 16 Hannah Gough  SA
17 17 Kate  Green SA
18 18 Sarah Haines SA
19 19 Dana  Johnston SA
20 20 Hailey Jones SA
21 21 Isobel Larwood SA
22 22 Imogen Lesicar SA 
23 23 Caitriona Lightbody SA
24 24 Jenna Malyschko SA
25 25 Tayla  Mangan  SA 
26 26 Simone  Marchesan SA 
27 27 Chloe McCabe SA 
28 28 Kelly McDonald SA
29 29 Aimee Moroney-Plouffe SA
30 30 Jessica Morrison SA
31 31 Ocean McGirvan SA
32 32 Jasmine Newmarch SA 
33 33 Tahlia   Pfitzner  SA
34 34 Anastasia Ritchie SA
35 35 Makayla Ritchie SA
36 36 Keeley Round SA
37 37 Eloise Rowe SA
38 38 Aimee Rowland SA
39 39 Tyshia Skuse SA
40 40 Sophie Stone-Wigg SA
41 41 Lily Tanner SA
42 42 Abby Thorne SA
43 43 Taylah Voysey SA
44 44 Millisent Wilkin SA
45 45 Zephyr Williams SA
46 46 Indyah Williams SA
47 1 Ruby Barnes VIC
48 2 Laura Braakhuis VIC
49 3 Lucinda Brewer VIC
50 4 Olivia Coghlan VIC
51 5 Taylah Comeadow VIC
52 6 Paige Currie VIC
53 7 Emma Davie VIC
54 8 Sarah Davie VIC
55 9 Molly Dunham VIC
56 10 Alannah Hibbard VIC
57 11 Finn Hicks Bullock VIC
58 12 Saskia Hollenkamp Vic
59 13 Jemma Hunter VIC
60 14 Claudia Inkster VIC
61 15 Isabella Krbaleski VIC
62 16 Anya Krbaleski VIC
63 17 Bethany  Krbaleksi VIC
64 18 Georgia Latch VIC
65 19 Lauren McMahon VIC
66 20 Ally McVeigh VIC
67 21 Isabella Murphy VIC
68 22 Abbey O'Mahony VIC
69 23 Nikala  Patsolaridis VIC
70 24 Rose Picking VIC
71 25 Zo-Ellen Stannus VIC
72 26 Jasmin Stout VIC
73 27 Shaylee Stringer  VIC
74 28 Jess Strudwick VIC
75 29 Elisha Walker VIC
76 30 Jane White VIC
77 31 Bonnie Yu VIC
78 1 Rebecca Adamson WA
79 2 Libby Blair WA
80 3 Kate Churchward WA
81 4 Madison Copeland WA
82 5 Brianna Curran-Turner WA
83 6 Demi Czynski WA
84 7 Bailey Eastman WA
85 8 Isla Frazer WA
86 9 Baillie-Rose Keenan WA
87 10 Skylar Leavy WA
88 11 Ocea Leavy  WA
89 12 Shannon Mitchell WA
90 13 Erin Mitchell WA
91 14 Rhiannon Panting WA
92 15 Apryl Richards WA
93 16 Chloe Tatlow WA
94 17 Emily Wills WA
95 18 Olivia Wills WA

SQUAD MEMBER APPLICATION, information, (posted Wed 19 July 2017) 

2019 U19 Australian Women’s Team


Welcome to the 2019 U19 Women’s Squad information. 

The introduction page will provide you with information and details required for submitting an applications and an overview of the program and what to expect.

The 2019 U19 Australian Women’s Team, will compete at the;

2019 FIL U19 Women’s World Championship, 

Peterborough Ontario Canada,

Thursday 1 – Saturday 10 August 2019.


On-Line Squad Member Applications should be submitted by,

Due Date: Wednesday 9 August 2017



Required documents (photos or scans) should be submitted via email by;

Due Date: Wednesday 9 August 2017

APPLICATION & SQUAD FEE $500 (an application fee amount of $150 is non refundable) 

FUNDRAISING T-SHIRTS (10) FEE $200 (each Squad Member will receive 10 fundraising t-shirts, to be sold for $20 each, to recover $200)   


Payment of the Application/Squad Fee and Fundraising T-shirt Fee, TOTAL $700, 

is required by;

Due Date: Wednesday 23 August 2017

EFT and over the counter payments must include the applicants;


First Name


BANK:                          Commonwealth                                                                                                            

ACCOUNT NAME:       Women’s U19                                                    

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 1024 4889                                                                                                                                                        

BSB NUMBER:            065 114

Note: Applications will not be official, until ID documents and payment of $700 is received.



The Squad Fee covers the following;

August - October State Based Training SBT sessions and Strength & Conditioning sessions

October SBT weekend camp - Perth, Ade, Melb.

Squad Apparel Reversible Pinney

Squad t-shirt

Squad shorts

Squad Equipment UA Honor stick

UA Goggles


The 2019 U19 Women’s Squad List will be posted on the ALA web site; www.lacrosse.com.au and U19 Australian Women’s Team Facebook page on;

Saturday 26 August 2017


Late applications will be considered on an individual basis.

Please email your request for a late application and reason the application is late, to; paul.mollison@lacrosse.com.au   


There will be a cost to each Squad member for the December 2017 Squad Camp and all ongoing Camps. The cost of camps will also include the expenses of running State Based Training SBT sessions between Camps. 

Please Note: At times, there may be an additional cost for entry to sessions at commercial gyms. 

The cost of Squad Camps will be advised as early as possible and all effort will be made to keep costs as low as possible.

The expected Camp costs are between $400 - $600 per Camp

If you require further information or detail, please email to; 




The 2019 U19 Australian Women’s Team Program is aimed to provide all squad members with the best possible experience of lacrosse learning and athlete education, in a cost effective format.  

In line with the ALA High Performance Program Policy HPPP, 


the U19 program is conducted under the principles of;

User Pays

Self Funded

Cost Equalisation


Areas of focus include;

Athlete Development 

Athlete Education

Skill Development

Games Sense & Team Principles

Competition Opportunities


Squad Members must have and maintain a current email address. 

Changes of email address’s must be notified to ALA Director of HP and Team Personnel (HC, Manager etc).

Parent/s will be copied on all emails to U19 Squad Members; from ALA and Team Personnel (HC, Manager etc). 


Preparation will consist of a schedule of State Based Training (SBT) sessions and Squad Camps.

Squad Camps will be located for cost effectiveness and aligned to competition opportunities. 

Squad Camps will include billeting accommodation for visiting Squad Members with locally based Squad Members. 


Squad training will commence with State Based Training SBT sessions and will consist of a one day session, for delivery of;

Aug/Sept 2017

Physical Assessment, Functional Movement Screening

Fitness Testing

Introduction to Core Strength Development

Strength & Conditioning Programs

Ongoing State Based Training SBT sessions will include;

Fitness Testing

Strength & Conditioning programs - revised

Nutrition & Hydration education

Anti-Doping education

Skills, Game Sense Drills and Competition

SQUAD CAMPS (between 2 - 6 days per camp)

Squad Camps will be held;

Month                   Camp                                      Location

October 2017        #1 State Based, 2 days          Per, Melb, Ade.

December 2017    #2 State Based, 2 days           Mel, Per, Ade.

January 2018        #3 Full Squad, 5 days             Melbourne

March 2018           #4 Full Squad, 3 days             TBC

October 2018        #5 Full Squad, 5 days             TBC 

December 2018    #6 Full Squad, 4 days              TBC

January 2019        #7 Full Squad, 5 days              TBC

Some of these camps will be aligned to Nationals and other competition opportunities.


Following the October 2017 State Based Camps, State Based Training SBT sessions will be advised. 

Following the January 2018 Squad Camp, SBT sessions will recommence in late January/early February. The days and times of these sessions, will be arranged as required for each state based group.

From March 2018, SBT will be scheduled, both weekly and monthly, relevant to the domestic playing season and state team preparation for Nationals.


To be eligible for 2019 U19 Australian Women’s Team you must satisfy the following requirements: 

1. U19 as at 31 August 2018       (must be 18 years or under on 31 Aug 2018) 

2.  Australian Passport Holder; or 

3.  Meet the criteria for a Non Passport Holder. (see HPPP 4.1 ALA Eligibility, below)

4.  Minimum Age Must be 15 years of age as at 31 July 2019     (the day before the competition)

(FIL U19 women, minimum age eligibility) 

5. Must be a Registered and Financial Member of ALA or an affiliated association (LWA, LSA. LVic, QLA, NSWL, LTas)

6. Agree to requirements of the ALA Player Agreement. Players must agree to comply with the ALA High Performance Program Policy HPPP, ALA Code of Conduct, ALA Member Protection Policy MPP and ALA Anti-Doping Policy ADP (as covered under ASADA and WADA policy/s).

7. Must complete the On-line Application, with payment of the applicable Fee. 

8. Overseas Residents, please refer to the following; 

ALA High Performance Program Policy, 4.1 ALA Eligibility


4.1 ALA Eligibility and Nationality – Australian Squad/Team – Men and Women

4.1.1 Players residing in Australia, must; 

be a registered financial member of an ALA Member Association/Club.

Players residing/studying overseas must; 

be a registered financial member of ALA, either with a Member Association/Club or directly with ALA.

4.1.2 A player must be a Passport Holder, or be eligible as a Non-Passport Holder. A ‘Passport’ Holder’ is defined as a person holding an Australian passport as obtained by birth or by naturalisation and who has fulfilled the conditions of eligibility according to the internal regulations of ALA. A ‘Non-Passport Holder’ is defined as a player who, in addition to fulfilling the conditions of eligibility of the internal regulations of ALA, meets at least one (1) of the conditions below:

a) Parents: One or both birth parents, adoptive parents or step-parents born in Australia.

b) Grandparents: One or more birth or adoptive grandparents born in Australia. 

  Note: Step-Grand Parents are not acceptable as a condition of eligibility. 

c) Marriage: Partner/spouse being a passport holder of Australia, with the qualification that the couple must be resident in Australia. 

Guidance: i) In the event of death of the partner /spouse this would not prevent the Individual from qualifying by this criterion.

ii) Divorce from the partner /spouse would disqualify the individual from qualifying by this criterion.

  iii) This criterion relates to a marriage or partnership which has been validated by a jurisdiction in Australia.

d) Residence: Minimum of a two-year residency period in Australia within the last five (5) years is required. (see FIL Eligibility 4.5 for proof of residency).

Guidance:  This does not necessarily have to be a continuous period but a cumulative total period of two (2) years over the previous five (5) years.

4.1.3 Age Requirements – Women

To be eligible to play in a FIL World Event, a player must be at least 15 years of age as of the day prior to start of the event (Opening Ceremony). 

  For FIL U19 World Events, players must be 18 years of age or younger on 31 August in the year prior to the World Championship. 

Note: A player may turn 19 years of age on or after 1 September of the year prior to the U19 World Championship. 

4.1.5 FIL International Transfer Card (ITC) - FIL Women’s Events

For players transferring from one FIL Member country to another, an ITC must be submitted and approved by FIL.

  (the International Transfer Form is available in word format from FIL web site)


4.1.6 For FIL events, a player must also -

Be eligible for FIL events, (see FIL Eligibility Policy). 

Including, eligible by age for aged events (see FIL Eligibility Policy); 

Women  http://filacrosse.com/wp-content/themes/sportedge/downloads/WC-PlayerEligibilityCriteria_July-2016.pdf 

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS - emailed to ALA to complete your Application

The following identification documents and information, must be in front of you, in order to complete yourOn-Line application. Eg. Passport, Medicare Card 

You must have all of these with you to complete the information required, before you can progress to the next Page.

If you come to a question during the On-Line Application and you do not have the required information to enter, you will not be able to continue the application and will have to start all over again. 

  1. Parent / Legal Guardian 

One of your Parents or your Legal Guardian, must be with you to complete the, Parent / Legal Guardian Consent, for your application. 

  1. 2. Passport 

If you do not have a Passport, you will require your Birth Certificate or Extract.

Take a close up photo, or scan and email to; 


  1. 3. Photo ID: Drivers License, or Learners Permit, or School ID. Please take a close up photo, or scan and email to;  paul.mollison@lacrosse.com.au

  1. 4. Medicare Card: Please take a close up photo, or scan and email to;                                      paul.mollison@lacrosse.com.au

  1. 5. Private Health Insurance Card: Please take a close up photo, or scan and email to;                                                 paul.mollison@lacrosse.com.au


All U19 squad member applications, must have the consent of a parent / legal guardian.

In addition, Parents / Legal Guardians must also agree to abide by the; Parent/Guardian - Code of Behaviour, with regard to conduct during any activity of the 2019 U19 Australian Women’s Team program.

Parent/Guardian - Code of Behaviour

1. If your child shows interest to develop as a high performance athlete for selection in a U19 Australian Team, encourage them to participate in this squad. 

  However, if your child is not willing to participate in high performance training, do not force them. Remember, children are involved in organised activity for their enjoyment, not yours. 

2. Focus upon your child’s efforts and performance rather than the overall comparisons of other squad members. 

  This will help your child to establish realistic goals related to her ability, by reducing the emphasis of selection in the final U19 team. 

3. Reinforce to your child, that an honest effort is as important as a victory, so the result of each squad selection point is accepted without undue disappointment. 

4. Encourage your child to always play according to the rules. 

5. Never ridicule or yell at a child for making a mistake or losing a game. 

6. Remember that children learn best from example. Applaud good play of all players. 

7. If you disagree with a coach or referee, raise the issue through the appropriate channel, rather than question their judgement and honesty in public. 

8. Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse.

9. Recognise and respect the value and importance of volunteer administrators, coaches and referees. They give up their time and resources to provide high performance training opportunities for players and deserve your support. 

10. Be a model of good sports behaviour for children to copy. 

11. Be courteous in communication with administrators, coaches, players and referees. Teach children to do likewise. 

12. Do not interfere with the progress and/or conduct of a game.

13. Refrain from gossip and rumour as this behaviour can be extremely damaging to squad/team harmony and morale.


A full background of medical and injury history is required.



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