2019 Australian Men's Indoor Head Coach
Thursday Dec 28, 2017
ALA announces Bob Carter and Adam Smith as Co-Head Coaches of the 2019 Australian Men's Indoor Team.
  • 2019 Australian Men's Indoor Head Coach

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2019 FIL Men’s Indoor Lacrosse World Championship WILC

Langley BC Canada, Thursday 19  – Saturday 28 September 2019.

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Welcome to the home of the 2019 Australian Men's Indoor Team. Here you'll find related news, events and information about the team for the 2019 FIL Men's WILC.

ANNOUNCEMENT - Team Selection. Wed 17 April 2019
ALA together with Co-Head Coaches Bob Carter and Adam Smith, is pleased to announce the selected players for the 2019 FIL Men's Indoor Lacrosse World Championship.
Congratulations to the 23 players & 3 Alternates.
Tyson Black BC Can
Connor Frost BC Can
Colin Jeffrey BC Can
Tristan Rai AL Can
Matthew Taylor NSW
Cameron Adams SA
David Gal SA
Ryan Gaspari SA
Sam Kilford SA
James Mullins SA
Kieran Sandow SA
Cameron Semmler SA
Jesse Whinnen SA
Nathan Bell VIC
Caleb Hall VIC
Daniel Hall VIC
Marty Hyde VIC
Keith Nyberg VIC
Tim Ratje VIC
Simon Fleet WA
Ray Hodgkinson WA
Benjamin Muxlow WA
Lucas Wood WA
Gareth  Allen WA
Gordon Purdie NY USA
Darren Ricketts Vic

Sunday 2 Dec 2018

ANNOUNCEMENT - Assistant Coaches

ALA together with Co-Head Coaches Bob Carter and Adam Smith, are pleased to announce Assistant Coaches;

Anthony Feleppa

Wade Hammond

Congratulations Anthony and Wade.


ALA together with Co-Head Coaches Bob Carter and Adam Smith, is pleased to announce Adrian Burns as Manager of the 2019 Australian Men's Indoor Team. 

Adrian was previously Manager of the 2015 Australian Men's Indoor Team and has served Manager, Coaching and Administration positions over many years, both in Australia, NZ and the UK.

Congratulations Adrian Burns.


Late applications will be considered on an individual basis.

Please email your request for a late application and reason to; 


Please Note: Current 2018 Australian Squad Members, can apply now, or submit a Late Application.



On-Line Applications to be completed via the following link;



All Payments to the Team Account 

BANK:                                 Commonwealth                                                                      

ACCOUNT NAME:            Men’s Indoor     

BSB NUMBER:                  065 114

ACCOUNT NUMBER:      1024 4918        



The 2019 Australian Men’s Indoor Program is aimed to provide all squad members with the best possible experience of lacrosse learning and athlete education, in a cost effective format.  In line with the ALA High Performance Program Policy HPPP, 



Australian Squad/Team programs are conducted under the principles of;

User Pays            Self Funded        Cost Equalisation              and Billeting

All Squad Members must commit to Hosting & Billeting to achieve an affordable program.

If paid accommodation is required, Camp Fees will increase significantly.



There will be a cost to each Squad member for Squad Camps and State Based Training.

Please Note: At times, there may be an additional cost for entry to sessions at commercial gyms. 

The cost of Squad Camps will be advised as early as possible and all effort will be made to keep costs as low as possible.

The expected Squad Camp costs are between $400 - $600 per Camp

If you require further information or detail, please email to;        highperformance@lacrosse.com.au   


Squad Members must have and maintain a current email address. 

Changes of email address’s must be notified to ALA Director of HP and Team Personnel

Parent/s will be copied on all emails to Squad Members under the age of 18 years; from ALA and Team Personnel (HC, Manager etc). 


To be eligible for 2019 Australian Men’s Indoor Team you must satisfy the following requirements: 

1.  Australian Passport Holder; or 

2.  Meet the criteria for a Non Passport Holder. (see HPPP ALA Eligibility, below)

3.  Minimum Age Must be 16 years of age as at 18 Sept 2019 (the day before the competition)

 (FIL Men, minimum age eligibility) 

4.  Must be a Registered and Financial Member of ALA or an affiliated association (LWA, LSA. LVic, QLA, NSWL, LTas)

5.  Agree to requirements of the ALA Player Agreement. Players must agree to comply with the ALA High Performance Program Policy HPPP, ALA Code of Conduct, ALA Member Protection Policy MPP and ALA Anti-Doping Policy ADP (as covered under ASADA and WADA policy/s).

6.  Must complete the On-line Application, with payment of the applicable Fee. 

7.  Overseas Residents, please refer to the following; 


ALA High Performance Program Policy, 4.1 ALA Eligibility 

4.         SQUAD/TEAM

4.1       ALA Eligibility and Nationality – Australian Squad/Team – Men and Women

4.1.1         Players residing in Australia, must; be a registered financial member of an ALA

Member Association/Club..

Players residing/studying overseas must; be a registered financial member of ALA, either with a

Member Association/Club or directly with ALA.

4.1.2         A player must be a Passport Holder, or be eligible as a Non-Passport Holder.      A ‘Passport’ Holder’ is defined as a person holding an Australian passport as obtained by birth or by naturalisation and who has fulfilled the conditions of eligibility according to the internal regulations of ALA.      A ‘Non-Passport Holder’ is defined as a player who, in addition to fulfilling the conditions of eligibility of the internal regulations of ALA, meets at least one (1) of the conditions below:

a) Parents: One or both birth parents, adoptive parents or step-parents born in Australia.

b) Grandparents: One or more birth or adoptive grandparents born in Australia.

      Note: Step-Grand Parents are not acceptable as a condition of eligibility.

c)   Marriage: Partner/spouse being a passport holder of Australia, with the qualification that the couple must be resident in Australia.

Guidance:    i)    In the event of death of the partner /spouse this would not prevent the individual from qualifying by this criterion. 

                         ii)   Divorce from the partner /spouse would disqualify the individual from qualifying by this criterion.  

                         iii) This criterion relates to a marriage or partnership which has been validated by a juristriction in Australia.

d) Residence: Minimum of a two-year residency period in Australia within the last five (5) years is required. (see FIL Eligibility 4.5 for proof of residency).

Guidance:    This does not necessarily have to be a continuous period but a cumulative total

period of two (2) years over the previous five (5) years.

4.1.3         Age Requirements – Women       Age Requirements – Men

To be eligible to play in a FIL World Event, a player must be at least 16 years of age as of the day prior to start of the event (Opening Ceremony).

4.1.5         FIL International Transfer Card (ITC) - FIL Women’s Events

4.1.6         For FIL events, a player must also -

                 Be eligible for FIL events, (see FIL Eligibility Policy).  Including, eligible by age for aged events.

Men   https://filacrosse.com/wp-content/downloads/men/Competition/FIL_Men's_Eligibility_Criteria___July_2017.pdf


REQUIRED DOCUMENTS - emailed to ALA to complete your Application

The following identification documents, must be in front of you, in order to complete your On-Line application. Eg. Passport, Medicare Card 

You must have all of these with you to complete the information required, before you can progress to the next Page.

If you come to a question during the On-Line Application and you do not have the required information to enter, you will not be able to continue the application and will have to start all over again. 

Parent / Legal Guardian                If you are under the age of 18 years

One of your Parents or your Legal Guardian, must be with you to complete the, Parent / Legal Guardian Consent, for your application. 


1.            Passport 

If you do not have a Passport, you will require your Birth Certificate or Extract.

Please take a close up photo, or scan and email to; 


Due Date:            Friday 9 March 2018 


2.            Photo ID

Drivers License, or Learners Permit. Please take a close up photo, or scan and email to;     


Due Date:            Friday 9 March 2018 


3.            Medicare Card

Please take a close up photo, or scan and email to;                                      highperformance@lacrosse.com.au   

Due Date:            Friday 9 March 2018 


4.            Private Health Insurance Card

Please take a close up photo, or scan and email to;                                                          highperformance@lacrosse.com.au   

Due Date:            Friday 9 March 2018 


PARENT / LEGAL GUARDIAN CONSENT – Applicants under the age of 18 years.

Must have the consent of a parent / legal guardian.

In addition, Parents / Legal Guardians must also agree to abide by the; Parent/Guardian - Code of Behaviour, with regard to conduct during any activity of the 2019 Australian Men’s Indoor Team program.

Parent/Guardian - Code of Behaviour

1. If your child shows interest to develop as a high performance athlete for selection in a 2019 Australian Men’s Indoor Team, encourage them to participate in this squad. 

  However, if your child is not willing to participate in high performance training, do not force them. Remember, children are involved in organised activity for their enjoyment, not yours. 

2. Focus upon your child’s efforts and performance rather than the overall comparisons of other squad members. 

  This will help your child to establish realistic goals related to her ability, by reducing the emphasis of selection in the final U19 team. 

3. Reinforce to your child, that an honest effort is as important as a victory, so the result of each squad selection point is accepted without undue disappointment. 

4. Encourage your child to always play according to the rules. 

5. Never ridicule or yell at a child for making a mistake or losing a game. 

6. Remember that children learn best from example. Applaud good play of all players. 

7. If you disagree with a coach or referee, raise the issue through the appropriate channel, rather than question their judgement and honesty in public. 

8. Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse.

9. Recognise and respect the value and importance of volunteer administrators, coaches and referees. They give up their time and resources to provide high performance training opportunities for players and deserve your support.

10. Be a model of good sports behaviour for children to copy. 

11. Be courteous in communication with administrators, coaches, players and referees. Teach children to do likewise. 

12. Do not interfere with the progress and/or conduct of a game.

13. Refrain from gossip and rumour as this behaviour can be extremely damaging to squad/team harmony and morale.



A full background of medical and injury history is required.

Medical Information Forms will be emailed to you.


ANNOUNCEMENT - Co-Head Coaches

Bob CarterAdam Smith

ALA is very pleased to announce Bob Carter & Adam Smith as Co-Head Coaches of the 2019 Australian Men's Indoor Team. 

Bob was previously Head Coach of the 2015 Australian Men's Indoor Team and has served coaching positions over many years including Senior and U23 Australian Men’s Teams and South Australian State Teams. As a player, Bob also represented Australia and South Australia in several Men’s Indoor Teams. 

Australian born Adam Smith commenced his lacrosse career after moving to Vancouver as a 9 year old. His coaching achievements over the past 12 years include successful seasons with both Junior A and Intermediate A Indoor Teams. Adams playing career highlights included the 2007 Australian Men’s Indoor Team, WLA Langley Thunder and Burnaby Lakers, as well as Junior A with the Port Coquitlam Saints and New Westminster Salmon Bellies.

With Adam based in Canada and Bob in Australia, their combined experience and abilities will continue to progress our Australian men’s indoor program .

The 2019 Australian Men’s Indoor Team will compete at the 2019 FIL Men’s Indoor Lacrosse World Championship, to be held in Langley BC Canada, Thurs 19 – Sat 28 September 2019. 

ALA Congratulates Bob Carter and Adam Smith.


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