ALA 14th Annual General Meeting - Wrap Up
Thursday Apr 29, 2021
The ALA held it 14th AGM in late April with the ALA Annual report presented and results of our Director election. Mark Polden was re-elected to the ALA Board and we also provided recognition and extended our thanks to Jan Jackson's service to lacrosse.
EOI for U20 Event in 2022
Tuesday Apr 13, 2021
ALA and Member Associations are calling for EOI from players born in 2002 and 2003 regarding the proposed U20 Event to be held in 2022.
Coach Development Advisory Group
Thursday Apr 1, 2021
The ALA is excited to announce that we are calling for expression of interest (EOI) from individuals who possess the knowledge, skills, commitment and time to form the ALA Coach Development Advisory Committee (CDAC).
Australian Hall of Fame - Focus Group
Saturday Mar 27, 2021
ALA is calling for EOI from individuals who would like to be part of the the Australian Hall of Fame Focus Group. The Focus Group will be charged with investigating and recommending the processes, structures and criteria to establish a Hall of Fame.
2021 National Event Update
Friday Mar 26, 2021
ALA is pleased to announce an update relating to our 2021 National Events including the Senior Nationals, U15 Tournament and replacement event for top age players who missed the U18 Events in 2020 and 2021.
  • ALA 14th Annual General Meeting - Wrap Up
  • EOI for U20 Event in 2022
  • Coach Development Advisory Group
  • Australian Hall of Fame - Focus Group
  • 2021 National Event Update

Home of the 2017 U23 Australian Men's Team

Welcome to the home of the 2017 U23 Australian Men's Team. Here you'll find related news and information about the team and events.

The team will compete in two events in June 2017;

- 2017 JLA Friendship Games, Sat 10 - Tues 13 June, Fukuoka Japan                                  - 2017 APLU ASPAC Championship, Fri 16 - Sat 24 June, Jeju Island, South Korea

Team Personnel positions;

  • Head Coach: Gavin Leavy
  • Assistant Coach: Kade Robinson 
  • Manager: Peter O'Donnell                                                                                                        

ALA together with Head Coach Gavin Leavy, is pleased to announce Co-Captains;

  • Connor Davies 
  • Joseph Delich 
  • Sam Koczwara
1 Keegan Davies WA
2 Alexander Mercier VIC
3 Ashby Dennis WA
4 Cameron    McRae           WA
5 Brian Bach VIC
6 Joseph Delich        Co-Captain WA
7 Benjamin Hart QLD
9 Xavier  Fiorentini  VIC
11 Samuel Koczwara   Co-Captain WA
12 Declan Pittway WA
13 Lincoln Potter           SA
14 Todd Bartlett SA
17 Nathan Bell VIC
24 Lucas Parsons Quintiao VIC
30 Lennon Fowler VIC
32 Liam Harari VIC
34 Ryan Hockey WA
43 Kale Murfett VIC
50 Callum Smythe VIC
55 Dylan Wood SA
88 Conner Davies        Co-Captain WA
Please Note: Team Members must remain financial to their Club and State Association at all times.
Team Members not residing in Australia must remain financial, directly to ALA.
Team Members not complying, will be suspended from Team activities until rectified.

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