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2018 FIL Men’s World Championship

Netanya Israel, Thursday 12 July – Saturday 21 July 2018.

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Welcome to the home of the 2018 Australian Men's Team. Here you'll find related news, events and information about the team for the 2018 FIL Men's World Championship. 

TEAM ANNOUNCEMENT - Sun 25 March 2018

On behalf of Head Coach Glenn Meredith, ALA is very pleased to announce the 2018 Australain Men's Team for the 2018 FIL Men's World Championship.

All Squad Members of this campaign are acknowledged for their valued contribution, as we congratulate the 23 players and 3 travelling alternates selected.

Additional congratulations to Captains; Nigel Morton, Christopher Plumb and Alex Brown. 

1 Matthew Fuss SA
2 Luke Keesing SA
3 Nigel Morton     Captain SA
4 Will  Pickett SA
5 Sean Aaron VIC
6 Tim  Graham VIC
7 Caleb Hall VIC
8 Andrew Ham VIC
9 Noah Jenney VIC
10 James Lawerson VIC
11 Jeffrey Melsopp VIC
12 Christopher Plumb       Captain VIC
13 Brock Beall WA
14 Stuart Bentley WA
15 Alex Brown       Captain WA
16 Isaac Cahill WA
17 Thomas Graham WA
18 Mitchell Kennedy WA
19 Benjamin Muxlow WA
20 Callum Robinson WA
21 Ryan Spark WA
22 Lachlan Walker WA
23 Christopher Robertson Canada
Travelling Alternates
1 Daniel Evans SA
2 Joshua Harris SA
3 Peter Kwas VIC


Team Personnel

  • Head Coach: Glenn Meredith
  • Assistant Coach: Glenn Morley
  • Assistant Coach: Rod Ansell
  • Statistician: Philip Ackland
  • Team Analyst: Robert Lawson
  • Manager: Karen Meredith 
  • Assistant Manager: Janet Baker 
  • Physiotherapist: Rick Tillotson
  • Sports Chiropractor: Dr. Marco Makari

29 June 2017


The Australian Lacrosse Association is very pleased to announce Murrumbeena Community Bendigo Bank as the Principal Partner of the 2018 Australian Men’s Team, with sponsorship of $20,000. 

“Following a strong and supportive partnership of the 2014 campaign, the Bendigo Bank Murrumbeena Branch is once again on board with the 2018 Australian Men’s Team program for a second campaign and the 2018 FIL World Championship, to be held in Israel” said ALA High Performance Manager Karen Meredith. 

Murrumbeena Community Bendigo Bank has strong connections with many lacrosse clubs and we encourage the lacrosse community to support those who support our sport.

Cascade-Maverik announced as Major Sponsor of the 2018 Australian Men's Team

For a second campaign, Cascade-Maverik will partner the 2018 Australian Men's Team for the 2018 FIL Men's World Championship.

Cascade Maverik Logo

ALA is pleased to announce the Major Sponsor & Partner of the 2018 Australian Men’s Team, Cascade- Maverik. 

“We are very happy to continue our relationship from the 2014 team and the 2014 FIL World Championship in Denver, for a second campaign of the 2018 Australian Men’s Team for the 2018 FIL World Championship in Manchester England” said Head Coach Glenn Meredith.

2018 Squad List, as at Sat 13 January 2018 - (30)

Congratulations to the selected players for the Japan Tour in March 2018.

1 Daniel Evans SA 16 Peter Kwas VIC
2 Matthew Fuss SA 17 James Lawerson VIC
3 Ryan Gaspari SA 18 William Lettieri VIC
4 Joshua Harris SA 19 Jeffrey Melsopp VIC
5 Luke Keesing SA 20 Christopher Plumb VIC
6 Nigel Morton SA 21 Brock Beall WA
7 Benjamin Muxlow SA 22 Stuart Bentley WA
8 Will  Pickett SA 23 Alex Brown WA
9 Sean Aaron VIC 24 Isaac Cahill WA
10 Sean Clarke VIC 25 Thomas Graham WA
11 Tim  Graham VIC 26 Mitchell Kennedy WA
12 Caleb Hall VIC 27 Callum Robinson WA
13 Andrew Ham VIC 28 Ryan Spark WA
14 Marty Hyde VIC 29 Lachlan Walker WA
15 Noah Jenney VIC 30 Christopher Robertson Canada
Please Note: Squad Members must remain financial to their Club and State Association at all times.
Squad Members not residing in Australia must remain financial, directly to ALA.
Squad Members not complying, will be suspended from Squad activities until rectified.

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