SURF COAST SCHOOLS QUICK STIX LACROSSE


Over the last six weeks the Australian Lacrosse Association has been involved with Lacrosse
Victoria in introducing the sport of lacrosse to the Surf Coast. Just over 800 Primary School
children in 5 different Surf Coast schools have been involved in the program. Six teachers
have been training and delivering the sport in an effort to expose people to the fastest
game on two feet and one of the most rapid growing sports in the world.

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Quickstix is a beginner version of lacrosse and is designed to be fast, high scoring, safe and
easy to learn and teach. When you introduce someone to a lacrosse stick for the first time it
is amazing to see the joy they get from learning to catch, throw and scoop the ball off the

November 14th and 15th are the culmination of the program which will see 300 primary
school children over the two days participate in a Round Robin tournament at Banjul-Warri
Fields in Torquay.

On Tuesday November 22nd the Quickstix Challenge program begin. It will run every Tuesday
from 5:30-6:30 at Bellbrae Reserve for five weeks. This is a chance for the children who
enjoyed the program to experience a further thrill that playing lacrosse delivers. We are
hoping to leave a lasting legacy of lacrosse in the Surf Coast Shire.


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