Do you need sporting equipment for youth and junior teams in your sports clubs or organisation? It is now time to apply for your grant!

The Australian Sport Foundation and in partnership with Equipment Partner Spartan are giving away equipment or grants valued at up to $10,000 to benefit programs and activities that will help increase participation in sport for young Aussies aged 16 and under.


Application Tips:

Last year, ASF received 900 applications. Below are a few tips to ensure your application has the best chance of being selected:

1) ASF is looking for a sporting club or organisation who will purchase equipment to help increase sport for young Aussies aged 16 and under. Your equipment may be able to benefit players of all ages, but ASF want to hear about the impact on your youth players and members.

2) Sport is an essential part of a child's life and ASF want all kids to benefit from participation; consider applying for equipment that will:

     - Benefit a large number of kids (eg 50+), or

     - Be able to be used for a few seasons

3) Provide ASF with as much detail as possible; ASF want to know all about your organisation, what type of youth participate, the impact your sport has on their lives, etc.

For more application information, CLICK HERE.

To apply, CLICK HERE.


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