2015 ALA U15 Tournament - President's Teams

Australian Lacrosse Association
Australian Lacrosse Association  

For the 2015 ALA National U15 Tournament there will only be a Boy's Presidents Team and nominations for players are being accepted.

To be registered for the President's Team contact the ALA Tournament Coordinator for this event, River Bradley, as soon as possible. River can be reached via his email competitions.officer@lacrossevictoria.com.au or at LV's office on 03 9926 1390 (where he is their Competitions Officer).
Interest for a Boy's Presidents Team has been expressed with an initial list of 9 boys and we are very keen to grow that number quickly and finalise this team. This Boy's Presidents Team will act to even up team numbers (becoming the 8th team entered) and hence remove a bye from the Tournament schedule.

The guideline for nominations is that the boys be within a 2 year age bracket of the U15 classification (i.e. either 13 or 14 years old).
Some interest was expressed for a Girl's Presidents Team, however due to the young age of most girls registering interest, and hence a very low core number of potential players, the decision has been made to not include a Girl's Presidents Team in the 2015 ALA National U15 Tournament. This is also in accordance with ALA National Championships & Tournaments By-Law 1.8.1 which seeks to ensure an even number of teams, as this is the ideal scenario for scheduling and fixturing an even Tournament for all teams involved.


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