Re-appointment of ALA Director of High Performance

Paul Mollison, ALA Director
Paul Mollison, ALA Director  

ALA is very pleased to announce the re-appointment of Paul Mollison to the position of ALA Director of High Performance for a 2-year period. Paul's wealth of experience in and boundless enthusiasm for the sport of lacrosse can only assist the area of High Performance lacrosse to improve and move forward.

Paul is working very closely with all of the current ALA High Performance Programs, which are:

  • Men's Senior Team 2014
  • ANZAC Commemorative Men's & Women's Squads/Teams 2014
  • Women's Under19 Squad/Team 2015
  • Indoor Squad/Team 2015
  • Men's Under19 Squad/Team 2016

The ALA Board is very appreciative of Paul having continued to conduct the business of the High Performance area throughout this appointment process and looks forward to working with Paul into the future.


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