U18 Boys and Girls


Lacrosse WA and East Frematle Lacrosse Club hosted the 2019 U18 Boys & Girls National Chmapionhsip, from Thursday 18 to Sunday 21 April.

Teams who competed in the tournament were:

BOYS: Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, New Zealand
GIRLS: Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Waikato (NZ)

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BOYS: Victoria

GIRLS: South Australia

All Stars


Position First Name Surname Team
GK Tyshia Skuse SA
Defender Isabella  Murphy VIC
Defender Erin Mitchell WA
Defender Kelly McDonald SA
Midfield Indyah  Williams SA
Midfield Madison Copeland WA
Midfield Bonnie Yu VIC
Attacker Ocea  Leavy WA
Attacker Eloise Rowe VIC
Attacker Georgia Latch VIC
Coach Adden Cunningham SA
Coach Olivia Parker SA
Official Amy Basile


GK Jayden Taylor SA
Defender Sam Boontjes VIC
Defender Mitch Lewis SA
Defender Donal Wild WA
Midfield Lachlan Warren VIC
Midfield Daniel Bowater WA
Midfield Jackson Marsh VIC
Attacker Joseph Pagliaro VIC
Attacker Will Czynski WA
Attacker Edison Pyke VIC
Coach Chris Marsh VIC




Lacrosse SA and Glenelg Lacrosse Club host the ALA 2018 U18 Boys & Girls National Chmapionhsip, from the 30 of March to the 2 of April.

Teams who competed in the tournament were:

BOYS: Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan
GIRLS: Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Auckland (NZ), Waikato (NZ)

Tournament Champions:

BOYS: Victoria

GIRLS: Western Australia

National Champions:

BOYS: Victoria

GIRLS: South Australia

All Stars:


Number First Name Surname Team
5 Abby Thorne SA
10 Brodie Borovnik SA
2 Libby Blair WA
5 Baillie-Rose Keenan WA
12 Madison  Copeland WA
17 Erin  Mitchell WA
18 Olivia Antulov WA
2 Abbey  O’Mahony VIC
16 Isabella  Murphy VIC
21 Bonnie Yu VIC
Coach Cliff Jennings VIC
Official Nikki Voysey


23 James Burgess SA
6 Shane  Thomason WA
16 Chinaka Roa-Egbugur VIC
17 Sam Boontjes VIC
5 Lucas  Koczwara WA
18 Liam Harari VIC
16 Hamish Mathwin SA
19 Joseph Pagliaro VIC
7 Will Czynski WA
2 Mitchell Baker VIC
Coach Clint Lander VIC
Official Bradley Edwards

Results - Click here to view ALA result portal 

U18 Girls
Day 1 Team 1 Score Result Team 2 Score
U18G South Australia 4 Lost Waikato 6
Auckland 6 Lost U18G South Australia 18
U18G West Australia 13 Won U18G Victoria 6
Day 2
Waikato 12 Won Auckland 4
Waikato 5 Lost U18G Victoria 9
U18G South Australia 7 Lost U18G West Australia 9
U18G Victoria 16 Won Auckland 3
Day 3
Auckland 1 Lost U18G West Australia 15
U18G Victoria 11 Won U18G South Australia 8
U18G West Australia 9 Won Waikato 7
Day 4 (finals)
3v4 South Australia  12 Won Waikato 7
1v2 U18G West Australia 11 Lost U18G Victoria 12
U18 Boys
Day 1 Team 1 Score Result Team 2 Score
U18B West Australia 11 Won Taiwan 5
U18B West Australia 18 Won New Zealand 3
U18B Victoria 22 Won U18B South Australia 6
Day 2
New Zealand 5 Lost Taiwan 10
U18B South Australia 10 Won New Zealand 5
U18B Victoria 12 Won U18B West Australia 8
U18B South Australia 8 Won Taiwan 5
Day 3
U18B Victoria 10 Won Taiwan 1
U18B South Australia 7 Lost U18B West Australia 18
U18B Victoria 11 Won New Zealand 6
Day 4 (finals)
3v4 U18B South Australia 7 Lost Taiwan 8
1v2 U18B Victoria 20 Won U18B West Australia 7


Lacrosse Victoria and the Altona Lacrosse Club hosted the ALA 2017 U18 Boys & Girls National Championship, from 14th-17th of April.

Teams who competed in the tournament are:

BOYS: Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, New Zealand.

GIRLS: Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Auckland (NZ), Waikato (NZ), Presidents.


BOYS: Victoria (20) defeated South Australia (8)

GIRLS: Western Australia (10) defeated Victoria (8)

Day 1
10.30am - Western Australia 13 lost to Lacrosse SA 21
2.00pm - Victoria 34 def New Zealand Men's Lacrosse 5
Day 2
10.30am - South Australia 25 defeated New Zealand 1
1.30pm - Western Australia 8 lost to Victoria 23
Day 3
10.30am - Western Australia 13 defeated New Zealand 5
1.30pm - South Australia 6 lost to Victoria 15
Day 4
10.30am - 3 v 4 - Western Australia 19 defeated New Zealand 7
12.30am - FINAL - Victoria 20 defeated South Australia 8

Day 1
8.45am - Lacrosse Victoria 10 def Auckland Lacrosse Association 1
9.30am - Lacrosse WA 12 def Waikato Lacrosse 7
12.00pm - Auckland 4 lost to Australian Lacrosse Association Presidents 12
2.00pm - South Australia 4 lost to Waikato 10
3.30pm - Victoria 5 lost to Western Australia 9
Day 2
8.30am - Auckland 4 defeated South Australia 3
9.45am - Victoria 16 defeated Presidents 3
12.00pm - Auckland 0 lost to Western Australia 14
1.30pm - Waikato 10 defeated Presidents 3
4.00pm - South Australia 2 lost to Western Australia 9
Day 3
9.30am - Victoria 7 lost to Waikato 8
10.30am - South Australia 11 defeated Presidents 3
1.30pm - Auckland 1 lost to Waikato 16
2.30pm - Western Australia 13 defeated Presidents 4
3.30pm - South Australia 1 lost to Victoria 13
Day 4
9.30am - 5 v 6 - Presidents 7 lost to Auckland 8
11.00am - 3 v 4 - Waikato 8 lost to South Australia 9
2.30pm - FINAL - Western Australia 10 defeated Victoria 8


Lacrosse Western Australia and East Fremantle Lacrosse club will be hosting ALA 2016 U18 Boys & Girls National Championship, from 21st - 24th of April.

State teams competing in  this year's tournament are:

BOYS: VIC, SA, WA  and New Zealand

GIRLS: VIC, SA, WA and Waikato (NZ)

VENUE: East Fremantle Lacrosse Club

               Preston Point Reserve

               Jerrat Drive, Perth WA










8:45 WA vs Waikato (G) 9:00 SA vs Waikato (G) VIC vs Waikato (G) 3rd vs Waikato (G)
10:45 SA vs NZ (B) 10:45 SA vs VIC (B) VIC vs NZ (B) 3rd vs NZ (B)
1:45 VIC vs SA (G) 1:15 VIC vs WA (G) SA vs WA (G) 1st vs 2nd placed state team (G)
3:45 VIC vs WA (B) 3:15 NZ vs WA (B) SA vs WA (B) 1st vs 2nd placed state team (B)

5:30 pm


A Facebook page specific to this tournament has been set up. CLICK HERE for news and update leading up to and during the tournament.

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The 2015 U18 ALA National Championships were hosted by Lacrosse South Australia from 15th - 18th April at Barrat Reserve, West Beach SA.

Boys Championship Result: Victoria 17 d Western Australia 5

Girls Championship Result: Victoria 10 d South Australia 8


Girls Championship All Stars Team

Sharn Muffet WA (GK)
Nicole Scholz SA (D)
Esther Lavelle VIC (D)
Chelsea Gilbert SA (M)
Hayley Fuss SA (M)
Olivia Parker SA (M)
Audrey Fithall VIC (M)
Emily Wills WA (A)
Briana Richards SA (A)
Steph Kelly VIC (A)

Best and Fairest: Olivia Parker SA

Boys Championship All Stars Team

Ted Herbert WA (GK)
Matthew McKenzie SA (D)
Ben Greenwood VIC (D)
Will Day WA (M)
Tim Graham VIC (M)
Brayden Panting WA (M)
Nathan Behrendt SA (M)
Nick Chapman VIC (A)
Peter Kwas VIC (A)
Matthew Wood WA (A)

Best and Fairest: Peter Kwas VIC

2014 Results

The boys and girls ALA 2014 Under 18 Championship was hosted by Lacrosse Victoria from Friday 18th to Monday 21st April at Epsom Huntly Reserve in Bendigo on grass fields.


South Australia 17 def. New Zealand 4

Grand Final: Western Australia 14 def. Victoria 9

Australian All Stars team medallions were also presented to:  

Ryan Ackland (WA), Connor Davies (WA), Angus Thompson-Pritchard (Vic)
Matt Wood (WA), Sean Clarke (Vic), Nick Chapman (Vic)
Alex Somerville (WA), Darcy Campbell (Vic), Will Day (WA)
Goalkeeper Lincoln Potter (SA) Best & Fairest Henry Volk Trophy*and medallion
Coach Glenn Morley (WA)
Official David Campbell



Victoria 11 def. New Zealand 8

Grand Final: South Australia 12 def. Western Australia 11 (overtime)

Australian All Stars team medallions were presented to:

Hannah Walker (Vic), Olivia Parker (SA)
Midfield Best & Fairest Ashton Hiron (WA)Ellie Bishop (SA), Rebecca Lane (Vic), Brianna Richards (SA), Audrey Fithall (Vic)
Bec Steer (SA), Jessie McLarnon (WA)
Goalkeeper Sharn Muffett (WA)
Coach Courtney Hobbs (SA)
Official Clare Kingston


2013 Results


Victoria won the Mal Taylor Championship Trophy and Western Australia won the ALC Tournament Trophy, the teams were presented with the relevant trophies and Championship medallions.

Australian All Stars team medallions were also presented to:  

Attack Sam Anglicas (Vic), Dein Diver (WA), Kenny Speak (Vic)
Midfield Ben Game (WA) Best & Fairest Henry Volk Trophy*and medallion, Isaac Cahill (WA), Angus Thompson-Pritchard (Vic)
Defence Dylan Kinderman (Vic), Zach Rogers (SA), Simon Whitehead (SA)
Goalkeeper Luke Dobson (Vic)
Coach Steve Weissbacher (Vic)
Official Steve Green



Victoria won the Camille Hobbs Perpetual Cup, Janet Jackson Tournament Trophy, Jeannie Matthews Cup* (SA v Vic), Mellis Cup (Vic v WA) and were presented with Championship medallions.  South Australia won the Rose Gaunt Trophy (SA v WA).

Australian All Stars team medallions were presented to:

Attack Jesse Ingram (WA), Sarah Smith (Vic)
Midfield Best & Fairest Theadora Kwas (Vic), Audrey Fithall (Vic), Ashtyn Hiron (WA), Hannah Mathwin (SA), Karri Somerville (WA)
Defence Naomi Lane (Vic), Bianca McKay (SA)
Goalkeeper Eliza Morgan
Coach Cliff Jennings (Vic)
Official Kellie McBean


The officials appointed to the gold medal games were also presented with medallions.


Players must be under 18 at 1st January in the year of the event. The event is usually held in April in common holidays. This event is a Championship and teams are selected by State Associations.  The boys’ and girls’ Under 17 Championship was replaced by the Under 18 Championship trialled in 2012 and 2013; it was agreed that the trial would continue in 2014 and 2015. The Under 17 Championship trophies are being presented for the Under 18 Championship during the trial period.