Lacrosse Competitions in Schools

Many Lacrosse state bodies and clubs coordinate and deliver lacrosse school competitions. More recently, the Australian Lacrosse Association (ALA) has taken more of a lead role in this area with the introduction of Quick Stix into the Sport Australia's Sporting Schools Program.

To enable an easier transition and a better development pathway from Quick Stix, to school competition, to lacrosse at University or at club, the ALA provides rule recommendations for Schools, IMG 0432Clubs and Lacrosse State Bodies. 

This is achieved through modification of equipment and playing area, simplification of rules to allow new teachers and students to play, rules encourage participation, involvement, engagement as well as develop in skills and decision making.

If you are a school sport ambassador for your school or region and would like to start lacrosse or implement our recommended rules and you a seeking assistance please contact the ALA Growth Coordinator, Damien Orr –

Reccomended Rules:
National Primary School Competition Rules

National Secondary School Competition Rules

Lacrosse University - Lacrosse 5's Rules