FIL Unified Field Dimensions

FIL has recently uploaded to their website all of the information related to the unified field, including dimensions for the 110m x 60m field as well as other field sizes such as a hockey pitch.


Men’s Rules

From season 2013 onwards, ALA will use the published version prevailing at the time of the FIL rules. This means that 2013 ALA Championship games will be played under FIL rules with local variations as per ALA Competitions Bylaws. All associations are encouraged to use the FIL rules in their respective domestic competitions for a consistent approach to our men's game.


Of particular note, ALA has withdrawn the '10 second clear" rules from the 2013 Championship.

Also note that mouth guards will be used for all National men's competitions (seniors, U18 & U15) immediately for season 2013 and beyond.

We further recommend that each Member Association adopt this approach for their domestic competition, with mouthguards mandatory from 2015.


Women’s Rules

ALA uses the FIL Women's Rules book, with several ALA women's rule variations.