Officiating Men's Lacrosse

The Australian Lacrosse Association is affiliated with the World Lacrosse and we use the WL Men’s Field Lacrosse Rules, and the WL Indoor Lacrosse Rules at our national events.

International Referee Appointments

The Australian Referees named below have been selected to officiate at the following events:

2019 FIL World Indoor Lacrosse Championship, British Columbia, Canada, Sep 19 – Sep 28
(Referee) Steve Green, (Assessor) Michael Bendall.

2019 APLU Asia Pacific Lacrosse Championship, Gyeong-Ju, South Korea, Jun 21 – Jun 29
(Referee) Shane Abbott, Rick Smissen, Alan Frost
(Assessor) David Campbell, Dennis Mulroney, Mark Polden.


To referee Men’s Field Lacrosse, you need to have a good understanding of the rules of the game.

The links below will take you to the latest WL Men’s Field Lacrosse Rulebook and to the Rules Exam links.


Men’s Field Lacrosse Rulebook                  Rules Exam

Knowing the Rules is only part of the equation. The officials are also a team on the field and in order for them to do their job effectively they need to work together, make good position with respect to observing the play, and communicate when there are decisions to be made. This is known as Referee Mechanics.

The latest version of the WL Men’s Field Lacrosse Referee Mechanics Manual is available from the link below.

2018 FIL Referees Manual final - Men's Field Lacrosse 


The Rules for Men’s Indoor (Box) Lacrosse are available from the link below.

FIL 2016-2019 Men’s Indoor Lacrosse Rule Book



The National Grading System for officials who Referee Men's Field Lacrosse is a tool used by the ALA Men's National Technical Committee to compare the performances of officials in National events and State-Based competitions over time. 
This information is collated by the Assessors at National Tournaments, by the Chief Referees in each of the major lacrosse states, and by the ALA Referee in Chief for the minor states.
The ranking data is calculated over the last 4 years of officiating, using a depreciation over time formula. 

(Details of how this is calculated are contained in the MNTC Policy Attachment 'E' National Grading System document  on the ALA 'Downloads' page.)
This is one of many indicators used in selecting referees to officiate International and ALA National Championships. (MNTC Officiating Policy Attachment 'D' Selection Standards)

The following link is the Summary of these rankings up to and including last season. 

National Rankings