General Officiating

The Australian Lacrosse Association is pleased to announce the National Technical Committees for Season 2021.

Women's National Technical Committee (WNTC)

ALA Umpire in Charge                    (ALA UIC)             Martin Kiploks

SA Umpire in Charge                       (SA UIC)               Tammy Varga

SA Deputy Umpire in Charge       (SA DUIC)            Natalie Owens

Victorian Umpire in Charge          (Vic UIC)              Leanne MacGibbon

Vic. Deputy Umpire in Charge     (Vic DUIC)           Amy Basile

WA Umpire in Charge                     (WA UIC)             Kellie Morley

WA Deputy Umpire in Charge     (WA DUIC)          Susan Milne

There are no personnel changes to the WNTC for Season 2021.

Men's National Technical Committee (MNTC)

ALA Referee in Chief                       (ALA RIC)             David Campbell

SA Chief Referee                              (SA CR)                 Bradley Edwards

SA Deputy Chief Referee              (SA DCR)              (Casual Vacancy)

Victorian Chief Referee                 (Vic CR)                 Alan Frost

Vic. Deputy Chief Referee            (Vic DCR)             Graham Sharpe

WA Chief Referee                            (WA CR)               Ian McRae

WA Deputy Chief Referee            (WA DCR)            Peter Mulcahy

At the end of October 2020, Dennis Mulroney will retire from the position of ALA Referee in Chief, and David Campbell will be appointed to that role. Dennis has been ALA RIC on the MNTC since 2016. Prior to that Dennis was either SA Chief Referee or Deputy SACR for a continuous period commencing in 2003. That is 18 years of continuous service to Lacrosse Officiating Leadership in Australia. Well Done and thank you Dennis.

Another notable retirement is John Sedgeway who has been the Victorian Chief Referee since 2018, and prior to that Deputy VicCR since 2011. Many thanks John for your commitment to all forms of Lacrosse Officiating in Victoria and Australia.

Alan Frost has been appointed to the Victorian Chief Referee position. Alan is a long time stalwart of the Victorian Lacrosse and officiating communities. Alan is a retired school principal and accomplished international referee and officials’ coach. On behalf of the ALA and the National Technical Committees I offer a warm welcome to Alan and wish him all the best in the role as VicCR.

When David Campbell takes up the appointed position of ALA RIC, his previous position as SA Chief Referee will be filled by the appointment of Bradley Edwards. Bradley is an accomplished International and Nationally accredited referee who has also taken a lead role in Australia in the interpretation and application of rules and officiating mechanics for the WL 6v6 lacrosse discipline.

The ALA would like to thank everyone named above for their contributions and commitment to the management, development, and leadership of Lacrosse Officiating in Australia.


To access the test you are interested in, you will need to click on the link under the appropriate accreditation level. You will be taken to a new webpage. To access the test please create an account or sign in with your login details.

Click here to see the Women's Accreditation Test information.

Click here to see the Men's Accreditation Test information.


To maintain their eligibility, all Officials and Officials’ Coaches must undergo an annual assessment to maintain their accreditation level.  One of the essential requirements is a minimum pass mark in the applicable National Accreditation Examination.

Men’s Field Lacrosse REFeree Exams

ALA Level 1 /2 (available 1 Feb to 10 Oct)

Required to be eligible for domestic competitions and national competitions at age events.


ALA Level 3 / 4 (available 1 Feb to 31 May)

Required to be eligible for National Championships and selection to International events

Women's Lacrosse Umpire Exams

 The ALA Women's Rules exam is required to be passed annually.

ALA Level 1 Club Umpire Exam

Club Umpire (Level 1) accreditation requires

practical on-field assessment of at least 100 minutes game time,

and achieving a passing grade in this exam of 60%.


ALA Level 2 State Umpire Exam

State Umpire (Level 2) accreditation requires

at least one year's experience as a Club Umpire (Level 1),

practical on-field assessment of at least 100 minutes game time,

and achieving a passing grade in this exam of 80%.


ALA Level 3 National Umpire Exam

National Umpire (Level 3) accreditation requires

at least one year's experience as a State Umpire (Level 2)

practical on-field assessment of at least 100 minutes game time at the ALA Under 18 Championship and achieving a passing grade in this exam of 90%.


The Practical On-field Assessment for accreditation Level 2, and above lasts for 4 years.