Talent Coach Course

Talent Coach Course

Talent Coach Course 


The Talent Coach Course is the next step up from the Club Coach. The Talent Coach Course is designed for coaches who are, or would like to, coach athletes within the ‘Talent Phase’ of the ALA Participation Framework. The Talent Phase encompasses the representative level (state or junior national teams) and the premier club level of each state.

Education of coaches will focus around giving coaches the skills and knowledge to provide athletes and teams a structured and highly targeted program. Coaches will understand and learn to incorporate researched coaching practises & all elements of sport science in their planning and delivery to help develop athletes' performance within skill technique, advanced tactics and reading the competition environment.

The course will be delivered over a 2 day period, initially being a weekend (Saturday & Sunday). However, coaches must understand that more time, commitment and work will be needed to complete activities prior to and post the 2 day face to face coach.

Please see below for more details regarding submitting your Expression of Interest to attend the course, Assessment Work, details of the design of the course and how it links to our Participation Framework. 

Expression of Interest & Registeration

If you would like to stay in the loop of when the next course is happening or are seeking more information please fill out our online form. 

Coaches who submit their interest will receive communication directly from ALA regarding the course roll out, more information regarding the work involved and potential course dates.


If you would like to REGISTER for this course you can do so through the ALA Education Platform. You will need to create an account and then enrol and pay the registeration fee for the course. 

Assessment and Tasks

There are 3 phases of work which is required to be completed.

  1. Part A - Pre Course Work - please download the Pre Course Outline
  2. Part B - In Course Work 
  3. Part C - Post Course Work.

PART A - Pre Course Work

Pre Course Work is required to be completed before attending the face to face workshop. Any coach can complete the Pre course work at any time as it will help to shape and form your own goals and development. 

1)      Identify a coaching mentor or coaching peer who can help you complete self-review and self-reflection tasks.

a)       This could be an individual who has expressed interest to complete the same course.

b)      A coaching peer who has coached at a similar level to you.

c)       A coaching peer who has coached at a higher level.

2)      Complete the ALA Coach Development Plan

a)       Complete the Coach Develop Plan by discussing your goals, Training Needs Analysis & Performance Development Plan.

3)      Complete the “Sport Australia Community Coach” and “High Performance Mental Skills” online course and submit the course certificates.

a)       You will need to create an account with Sport Australia to access, enrol and complete the Sport Australia courses.


PART B - In Course Work (attending face to face workshop)

4)      Attend the face to face workshop and complete all questions and activities in Part B of the “Talent Coach Workbook” and actively participate (physically and in discussions) in all the face to face sessions. (The “Talent Coach Workbook” will be provided to you upon registration into the course.)


PART C - Post Course Work

5)      Complete Part C – Post Course Work of the “Talent Coach Workbook” and:

  • Submit your Coaching Program Outline and the process you took to designed it.
  • Submit your Seasonal Planner.
  • Submit two session plans which correspond to the preparation phase of your seasonal plan.
  • Be observed coaching during a training session & during a game and submit the observation check lists and the self reflection summary regarding your feedback, learnings & experiences through the observation.
  • Have your mentor complete the "Mentor Assessment Task Sign off Sheet" and submit it through this platform.


It is the ALA’s intention to run 1 course each year starting in 2020, either on a rotational basis or if there is high demand. The cost of the course is expected to be $200(max) per person to attend which will be payable before attending the face to face course.

Talent Coach Course Design

Using the ALA Participation Framework the Talent Coach Course has been designed to provide education across 3 major areas: The Athlete, The Coach & The Environment. Each major area has then been broken down into further categories to provide a more in-depth overview of what coaches will learn from the course. These can be viewed on the next page.

Finally, the face to face course will cover 9 modules relating to all 3 major coaching areas mentioned above:

Module 1 - Essence of Coaching 
Module 2 - Effective Communication and Coaching Practice
Module 3 - Skill Acquisition and Development
Module 4 - Skill Acquisition in Lacrosse
Module 5 - Physical Fitness & Preparation for Lacrosse 
Module 6 - Mental Skills for improved performance
Module 7 - Developing a Style of Play, Game plan and tactics
Module 8 - Structure and Systems of Play
Module 9 – Planning & Establishing a Coach Program

To see full outline please click here.

How the course links to the ALA Participation Framework Talent Phase: