Re-Accreditation Foundation Coach

Foundation Coach Re Accred Tile

Re-Accreditation - Foundation Coach

To begin the re-accrediation process you will need to to visit the ALA Education Platform and enrol in the course. 


Once enrolled you will be asked to download, complete and submit the different assigment items, which include:

  1. Submit original Foundation Coach certificate.
  2. Submit sign declaration from coach and club – confirming the coach has been coaching 2 of the 4 years at the Foundation level (or higher) of the ALA Participation Framework.
  3. Completed two of the further development opportunities under the heading “Updating Activities”. - submit evidence

For further details or to view the different forms and templates please view our National Coaching Framework.

Further development and updating activties (Foundation Coaches must complete two)

    Updating Activity                                          Type of evidence submit

·  Complete Play by the Rules Training – Child Protection.

·  Submit certificate of completion.

·  Complete Play by the Rules Training – Discrimination and Harassment.

·  Submit certificate of completion.

·  Complete Sport Australia Training - Community Coaching General Principles.

·  Submit certificate of completion.

·  Complete Sport Australia Training – Any of the short courses on their Portal.

·  Submit certificate of completion or screen shot of completion page.

·  Leadership/communication training programs (or related topics).

·  Submit a letter from organisations or certificate of completion.

·  Attend a ‘related’ Sports course eg. a basketball, netball, hockey or soccer workshop/course.

·  Submit certificate outlining course completion and documentation which provides an overview of each course module and learning outcomes

·  Complete the ALA Level 1 Officiating Test.

·  Certificate outlining course completion

  • Submit your ALA Coach Development Plan recording self-review, goals, actions and outcome from actions.