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COACH RE-ACCREDITATIONContinual Improvement Processv2

The philosophy of the re-accreditation is to encourage the coach to continue a process of self review, planning and self up skilling. This philosophy is present and consistent with all levels of re-accreditation.

A key pilar of the re-accreditation process is the ALA Coach Development Plan which encourages coaches to hold a self review, seek feedback from players and peers, plan goals to address training needs, check progress and plan again. 

In addition, coaches are also asked to complete a number of updating activities which range from lacrosse specific knowledge, general coaching principles to other education and training used in coaching. 

To gain re-accreditation coaches are asked to:

  • To confirm their active coaching record during the 4 years of their accreditation
  • Complete the required self review and planning utilising the ALA Coach Development Plan
  • Complete the required number of updating and further education activities

Please click on the coach course you would like to re-accredit for further details. The re-accreditation process will be completed via the ALA Education Platform. 

For further RE-ACCREDITATION details please click on a course.

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