Quick Stix Foundations Coach


Quick Stix Foundation Coach

If you would like to be upskilled as a Quick Stix coach or you are new to lacrosse coaching this course is the course for you. 

At Quick Stix Foundation Coach level, education of  coaches will focus around providing a safe & engaging environment to all participants. Coaches will learn how to teach the fundamentals of lacrosse via fun activities & modified formats of the sport.

The course is completed online or face to face. If you would like to find out more or complete the education please contact growthcoordinator@lacrosse.com.au

The course has been designed to provide education across 3 major areas: The Athlete, The Coach & The Environment. Each major area has then been broken down into further categories to provide a more in-depth overview of what coaches will learn from the course.

How the course links to the ALA Participation Framework Foundation Phase:


The Athlete


Identify, create and set up activities to allow participants to mimic the action of throwing and catching in lacrosse and develop the required strength and coordination to run, bend, catch and throw.


Coach can teach, via the creation and setup up of activities, to throw, catch and scoop the ball.



Coach is able to develop participants awareness of their options in offence (pass or carry) and defence (mark opponent or place defensive pressure).



The coach is able to connect with the participant to understand their motivations & create a positive learning & participating environment for the participant.

The Coach

Program Management

The coach is able to clearly organise a training session. Implement fun and engaging activities into the key areas of training.


Self Awareness

Coach presents themselves well, is prepared and acts as a positive role model for the children.


Coaching Practice

Coach aims to have all participants playing as soon as possible. Coach may demonstrate skill, encourages all participants & keeps them active & engaged throughout the entire session.


Coach uses clear verbal communication during sessions. Keeps messaging simple & concise. 


The Environment

Training Environment


Coach sets ups a safe, engaging and active environment for all participants.



Group Management


Coach is organised, prepared and is able to implement strategies to help keep participants active and focussed.



Cultural Environment


Coach is welcoming and respectful to all participants. Ensures that participants all know each others name, that they feel safe and a part of the team/cub.