Partners to Lacrosse

 Sport Australia - Australian Sports Commission

The Australian Government is a strong supporter of Australian sport. Sports Australia is the government body that develops, manages and invests in sport at all levels in Australia.

Sport Australia works closely with a range of sports, state and local governments, schools and community groups to ensure sport is well run and accessible so that everyone can participate and enjoy the benefits. It also works through the Australian Institute of Sport and state and territory institutes and academies, to develop Australia’s elite sportsmen and women.
Sport Australia strives to uphold the integrity of sport through innovative programs that promote ethical sporting practices and improve access to sporting quality opportunities for all Australians.

Sport Australia funding enables the Australian Lacrosse Association to conduct the management of the sport through programs/initiatives:

  • The development of a grass-roots level participation entry package
  • The management of lacrosse across Australia
  • The support of each of the state associations as applicable
  • Conduct of national competition at Under15 for boys and girls, Under18 and Senior/Open levels for men and women
  • Alignment with international lacrosse organisations

ALA enjoys a working relationship with the Sport Australia and values the contribution made to lacrosse in Australia through funding, consultation and provision of information, resources and materials.

Find out more about the Sport Australia at

Concussion in Sport Australia Position Statement.

Sport Australia, through their leadership have provided australian sport a Concussion in Sport Australia Position Statement.

The Australian Lacrosse Association endorses the Concussion in Sport Australia Position Statement.

The position statement can be located on our downloads page or at the Concussion in Sport website.

Lacrosse Australia foundation

Lacrosse Australia Foundation (LAF) work with the ALA to identify and provide funding support for development projects across Australia.

The purpose of the LAF is to:

  • Raise Income for the purpose of building a capital-protected fund.
  • Use income & investment earnings to assist and support the work of the ALA for ALA & LAF approved & endorsed lacrosse development programs & promotions.

The LAF urges individuals, groups and clubs to join the LAF community of extraordinary people who want to achieve extraordinary things - beyond what they could achieve alone, for Lacrosse in Australia.

Further information is available at –

Hart Sport

HART Sport is the ALA's "Official School Supplier" for Quick Stix. They provide quailty service and product to schools participating in Quick Stix through the Sporting Schools Program. You can visit HART Sport to see their range.


ALA is very pleased to have in place an alignment with the travel company called Acland Travel, which is located in Melbourne.  Through Acland Travel we are able to have aspects of travel for the ALA Board and ALA High Performance programs organised with a rebate payable to ALA.  This alignment is in the process of being extended to the ALA Member Associations to the benefit of those organisations.

Lambton Mount Lacrosse Club

ALA welcomes the Lambton Mount Lacrosse Club (LMLC) as an Associate Member of the Australian Lacrosse Association, and looks forward to a long and rewarding partnership.

This Club has been formed on a national basis with membership being made up of past players, supporters and anyone interested in any and all forms of lacrosse in Australia.

Membership of the Club is $25.00 per annum.

If you would like further information please contact:

Chair of the LMLC - John Nolan

Secretary of the LMLC - Bill Gray

Play by the Rules

The ASC advocates that sport should be inclusive, safe and fair. Visit Play by the Rules to find out what the ASC is doing to promote these initiatives.

Sport integrity Australia (SIA)

All Australian high performance teams are required to complete the Sport Integrity Australia online process.

ALA is currently updating the requirements of team personnel and officials with regard to the ASADA online process.

Visit the SIA website here